Sears Bankruptcy: Where You Should Shop Now

Nov 06, 2018Reading Time: 3 min

Sears, the 132-year-old company, has just filed for bankruptcy. Unfortunately, their days of being the nation’s largest retailer are over, due to their competitors including Walmart and Amazon. Now that one of the leading retailers is gone, you may be asking yourself: where is the next best low-priced place to shop? With the holidays coming up it’s important to be informed on the best steals and deals of the year. Luckily, there are plenty of other options to choose from. Here is a list of potential new shopping destinations to satisfy your cravings and keep your wallet from thinning.


Kohl’s is a great alternative to Sears and can save you bigtime. They have a ton of rewards points that you can redeem every time you shop there, and even their own currency that unlock more discounts. You get $10 of “Kohl’s Cash” for every $50 you spend--if that’s not a steal then I don’t know what is. In addition to these shopping-hacks, Kohl’s also allows you to use coupons on clearance items. Looks like Kohl’s is now on the holiday shopping To-Do list!

mannequin sale

Nordstrom Rack

Saving money has been made easy with Nordstrom Rack’s extreme bargains on high quality apparel. Nordstrom Rack is known for their high-end products sold at unbeatable prices, including brands like Adidas, Free People, J. Crew, Marc Jacobs, and so much more. Not only does Nordstrom Rack have redeemable points, they also offer inexpensive services like in-store alterations, which save you time and inconvenience.


JCPenney has a myriad of sales and coupons that make shopping a more affordable and more enjoyable experience. An appealing part of JCPenney’s company offers are their guarantee to match any price for an item found elsewhere for a lower price. They will even beat this price by an additional 5%! If that’s not enough to make you shop there, JCPenney also ships any online orders over $25 and out-of-stock items to a JCP store for free. Count me in!

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T.J. Maxx

Much like Sears, T.J. Maxx is filled with clothing, appliances, home decor and more at an inexpensive cost. They offer a free program that has access to rewards, including sweepstakes, free giveaways, and new arrivals. Another upside is the growth and popularity of T.J. Maxx, making it less susceptible to bankruptcy.


Designer Shoe Warehouse brings you, well, designer shoes at a low-cost. With their color-coded discounts, getting a good deal has never been easier. DSW also offers a rewards program that you can join to earn points with every purchase, along with 80% off items that are labeled with a yellow tag. Shoes don’t have to be an investment anymore; save more when you shop at DSW!