Score on Sweet Holiday Treats at Dylan’s Candy Bar

Score on Sweet Holiday Treats at Dylan’s Candy Bar

Promocodes Team

Promocodes TeamDec 18, 20183 min read

Gifting for the holiday season (or in general) can be pretty stressful and sometimes even expensive. When in doubt, gifting fun and unique food items can be a great idea. Moreover, dessert treats can be a huge hit with others because they are often items that someone wouldn’t purchase for himself or herself. Dylan’s Candy Bar is one such retailer that offers an amazing experience as well as a very huge assortment of products at prices that anyone can afford.


Gifting the Group

Buying gifts for a group can be pricey. With the offerings at Dylan’s Candy Bar, you don’t have to worry. Buying a package of assorted items, whether it is candy or desserts is the solution to the group gift. You can choose to gift the family with the entire assorted item or simply order the assortment, separate out pieces into gift bags and gift at your discretion. A gifts that is great for this is Dylan's Candy Bar Chocolate Dipped Fancy Stirring Spoons. If you are separating these out into individual gifts, grab a candy bag for wrapping and cute ribbon for a nice touch. You can also order treats already in gift boxes!


Careless About Candy

If the person that you are gifting doesn’t care much for candy that’s okay! Dylan’s Candy Bar has much more than just candy. With chocolate covered treats, such as Choc-o-lat Christmas Snowman Truffle Gift Box you cant go wrong. If you’re looking for a themed holiday gift, you can check out the Christmas section. Here there are candy free gifts as well such as Signature Christmas Pretzel Tower and Mistletoe Munch Christmas popcorn Tin, which are still fun and delicious gifts!

From Candy to Clothes

Dylan’s Candy Bar offers an assortment of non-food items as well. It never hurts to add a cute item along with a small treat. These goodies are cute and fun, and fit within many budgets! For example you can pair a cozy pair of socks with a nice hot chocolate marshmallow, for a “relaxation” gift. Other lifestyle gifts such as necklaces, slippers, pillows, and even lip balm are available online as well! If you are gifting a pet lover, you can find gifts for the pet here too. This might be a great gift to consider, showing that you thought about them and the pet they love!

Experiences Instead of Things

Perhaps you want to gift an experience that will be worth it. The Dylan’s Candy Bar Café is a unique adventure into everything sweet. From the delectable treats and cute cupcake booths to the amazing drinks, they have thought of everything! You can make reservations or even simply purchase a gift card so that your gift recipient can go at their leisure or they can spend it however they would like!

Buying great gifts doesn’t have to be expensive when you know where to look. At Dylan’s Candy Bar, a little goes a long way, and the thoughtfulness of this unique gift really shows just how much you care!