Saving Money For Men

Saving Money For Men

Meieli Sawyer

Meieli SawyerApr 20, 20173 min read

To save money on men’s fashion, you have to shop smart. That doesn’t mean often, and it certainly doesn’t mean spending lavishly, but you do need a strategy. From here at the fashion labs, here are some guidelines:

Go-to jeans. Remember that, every time jeans are washed, they are in danger of wearing out just a little more. Keep a good, dark pair on hand that are occasionally washed in cold water, inside out, and with detergent for dark clothes, and refresh them in the freezer between washes, which kills germs and smells.

Un-identical finds. Are you guilty of stocking your closet with 15 plain, white, button-down shirts or tons of plain crew-neck shirts? The reality is, as satisfying as it may be to have these items lined up all fresh, it also looks like you’re wearing the same thing every day. Get one of something (and a back-up if you love it), and then rotate. And then get six different things with back-ups as well… because 15 identical things aren’t just wasteful, they are boring.

Things that last. Spend more to get more, and don’t balk. A perfect example is dress shoes: they can last five years or more if you treat them well, and they’re more comfortable, too. So why kill your feet when you can feel so much better, wear better-looking shoes, and save money?

Start a collection. Invest in the fun, little things: that means cufflinks, pocket squares, and even fun dress socks for suits. The best part about that is, once you get your collection going, people will know what to give you when the holidays come around (and it also helps you stretch your wardrobe budget).

Take care of your stuff. Being conscientious about your things means less turnover, and a neater appearance in general. Brush your suits down, air out your clothes, and shine your shoes when you have a chance, and everything will stretch to an extra season or more.

Grab deals, and get them tailored. If you struggle to find the right fit, don’t despair: you may want to start going to the tailor. Forget fighting buttons on slim-fit shirts and swimming in your casual button-downs… buy everything slightly larger and customize to your heart’s content. It’s the perfect way to look more expensive on a dime.

Avoid the entrancing clearance sale. Clearance means steals and deals, and that can be quite intoxicating when you’re shopping away. But ask yourself: would I buy this if it were full-price? Do I already own something similar? Is this the right piece for my usual routine? Because buying something on sale that you never wear really isn’t a bargain at all – it’s wasteful.

All this talk about shopping has me thinking about where to go, so follow me to , where there are coupon codes and plenty of sales, too. My favorites include the all-season wool dress pants (which wear like iron), checked button-downs, and lace-up sneakers that look like dress shoes.


Happy Shopping – and Saving!