Save On Holiday Shopping For The Entire Family

Dec 16, 2017Reading Time: 5 min

A memorable book is hard to top when it comes to doling out goodies for your most important nice-listers. That’s why a bookstore is one of the most magical places you can go for Christmas gifting. Because they broaden our imaginations, open us up to different places and perspectives, and inspire our own real-life stories, books are thousands of worlds neatly tucked away inside our minds and hearts. Pretty deep, right? Plus, they look totally cute in our home libraries. (Well, they do.)

Now, your reader doesn’t have to have a library that looks like it’s straight out of Highclere Castle (though, we’d love to hear about it, if so!). All that’s required is a cozy chair, a fuzzy blanket, and a desire to dig into a delightful story.

Help Santa get the work done by venturing to Barnes & Noble. A household name, this trusted book company is stocked with a plethora of titles, subjects, and gifts. For kids from one to ninety-two, you can find something for the entire family. Also, they have a 25% off sale going right now. Want to know more? Then, read on!

For Avid Readers

For the smarty who’s read about everything, how about you take it up a notch and get them a book signed by an author? How hoity-toity, yes?! Autographed copies are cool, sophisticated, and will make anyone feel extra special.

Here are their current signed titles.

Or if they’re one of those picky types, a gift card always works wonders. That way, they can buy a new release or a hardback of one of their most favorite stories. Those big readers are easy peasy, are we right?

For Light Readers

Not everyone wants to read a huge book, no? Some people love quicker reads, like this amazing blog post you can’t take your eyes off of right now. For the family member who enjoys a lower-commitment article or hobby-based subject matter, Barnes & Noble has a super selection of magazine subscriptions. From Good Housekeeping to National Geographic to Car and Driver, they are stocked to the brim with awesome magazines that appeal to all kinds of enthusiasts.

Here is their list of subscriptions that are $10 or less.

For Modern Readers

Have a floor to ceiling library with a brandy decanter, crackling fire, and secret passageway? If so, what are you waiting for? Please invite us over stat. If your family’s library is a little more modest, say a pile of overflowing books on the end table, you’re our kind of people. Tangible books are definitely a beautiful thing, but sometimes there’s simply not a lot of room.

If that voracious bookworm wants more books, but can’t find the storage space, consider a lightweight tablet that can store lots and lots of titles in one compact device. Perfect to toss in a backpack, purse, or carryon, it’s great for on-the-go reading, too. Barnes & Noble will hook you up with a NOOK tablet that’s perfect for those you love.

Plus, books are reasonably priced when you download them on your NOOK. Barnes & Noble has a “Books Under $5” section, so check that out, too!



And want to know the enormous selection you can get on an e-reader? Check out the books and magazines you can read instantly on your Nook.

For Tiny Readers

So your kiddos love to read? Bravo, you! From teeny tots to towering teens, Barnes & Noble speaks our children’s language.

So we hear there’s a little series called Harry Potter that’s pretty good. Fuel that Harry Potter frenzy even more with this handsome box set. It’s very enchanting!


Or what about these exquisitely done collectible editions that everyone who loves classics will simply adore. Charmingly illustrated, your young collector will be in hardcover heaven.

Speaking of classics, gift a copy of ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas to your entire family. It will be a treasure in your home for years to come. This, we promise!

For Non-Readers

Okay, so that one person (we’re not naming any names) won’t read anything if their life depended on it. We gotcha. However, your little high-maintenance family member probably still loves a great story. Barnes & Noble has got you covered with movies and TV! They have your bestsellers, boxed DVD sets, and, yes, British television brilliance.

Still can’t satisfy that persnickety personality?

This MoMA Starry Night Collection is Van Gogh-geous.

And hold up. What vibrant lady would refuse Vera Bradley gifts?

Lastly, for those mini architects in your world, what about these Lego hobby sets?



Barnes & Noble truly is a one-stop wonderland of fantastic gifts that will keep the whole crew jolly. Take a little time to explore their site, note their deals, and see how fast your cart fills up. Thanks again for reading—our tips AND books! Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good story!