Save Money While You Sleep

Save Money While You Sleep

Promocodes Team

Promocodes TeamSep 16, 20143 min read

We all know that it is important to conserve energy. Whether you are an environmentally conscious Planeteer who wants to preserve Mother Nature, or you are just a frugal penny-pincher watching your own bottom line, we all understand the importance of developing habits to avoid wasting energy. And while many of us take steps to make sure we are not being wasteful with electricity in our daily routines, very few consider our energy efficiency while we sleep. Here are a few helpful hints to literally cut down your energy bill while you sleep!

Night Bright

It may come as no surprise that I am one of those people who have to have the television on to fall asleep. And while nearly 61% of American’s share this bad habit according to LG Electronics, there is a simple solution that can save our wallets while not leaving us in the dark: remember to set the sleep timer as you are lying down. This idea can also be useful if you are someone who sleeps with a nightlight. Consider investing in a motion sensor or timer for your light, so that it will turn off shortly after you fall asleep.

Sleeping Device

Just because a device is in ‘sleep’ or ‘hibernation’ mode, does not mean it’s not using energy. In fact, certain devices are notorious energy fiends in sleep mode. These ‘vampire electronics’ include this like printers, DVD players, game consoles, and particularly desktop computers. It is estimated that $2.8 billion worth of energy is wasted annually by desktop computers be left on at work after employees have gone home for the day. These devices draw constant power as long as they are plugged in, so the best solution is simply to unplug them when they are not in use.


Plugging your phone in to charge is part of almost every person’s nightly routine, which is why most of us have our phone charger within arm’s reach of our bed. But two hours after you fall asleep, your phone is fully charged and spends the next 6 hours needlessly sucking energy. The same principle applies to your laptop when you let it charge overnight. Consider investing in a charger that automatically shuts off after your device is charged.

The Heat of the Night

Especially during summer, it can be hard to keep cool at night. Try to avoid leaving the fan on overnight. And if the cooler night air still leaves you high and dry, use the lowest setting on the fan. If you use air conditioning to maintain the temperature in your house, install a programmable thermostat. This will allow you to cool the house around your schedule, choose a temperature to maintain, and you can set it to not come on during the night.

While some of these energy savings tips may seem small, they will add up to extra cash in your pocket and a little more energy to go around. It is a chance for you to help save the planet and earn some extra money from the comfort of your bed!