Road Trip Savvy: Ways to Save on Your Summer Getaway

Road Trip Savvy: Ways to Save on Your Summer Getaway

Katherine Stano

Katherine StanoMay 26, 20173 min read

Need a last-minute escape? If your answer is an unbridled heck yes, it looks like a road trip is in your future. But before you grab your getaway go-bag and head for the highway, check out these tips for a fun-filled, cost-friendly adventure.

Putting the Car Into Drive

Is your current vehicle up-to-date on maintenance and ready to roll? If your car is in great shape, then fill up that tank and get going. Though, to be on the safe side, it’s not a bad idea to take it to your favorite trusted service center to change the oil, check the brakes, and get the skinny on those tires. Many mechanic shops or dealerships will do a complimentary multipoint inspection when you come in for an oil change or simple repair. And hey, run it through the car wash while you’re at it. Seeing out the windows is a good thing!

If your car is a total clunker (never fear, it happens), don’t let that stop you! You need your time away, after all. Why not get a little fancy without the fancy prices, and take a rental for the weekend? searches a plethora of car deals, locating packages for less than $40 a day. Rentals are a great, worry-free option if you have an older car or you’re currently without a set of wheels.

And if you have a roadside assistance membership, save that number in your phone or stow it in your glove compartment. Many car insurance companies provide flat tire and towing assistance with your policy. Give ‘em a call to double check! So enough of the boring technicalities. On to the fun stuff!


Filling Up On Fuel for Your Soul

So what’s a road trip without snacks? If you don’t want to pay, say, $17 for a candy bar or you’re not sure you’ll find a ton of foodie establishments along the way, bring your own. You’ll save a ton by loading up on your favorite treats beforehand, including water, sodas, and iced coffees. It’s usually healthier, too! Use those coupons and check out deals at your local grocery store or buy-in-bulk warehouse.

Other take-alongs to consider: music, library audio books, first aid kit, jumper cables, tire pump, and cleanup supplies. Car spills can get sticky, so throw in some paper towels, a garbage bag or two, and some hand sanitizer. If you’re bringing your fur baby along, don’t forget the leash, treats, and potty break bags. Put that spacious trunk to good use—something you can’t do so well on a flight!

Finding Your Hotel Away From Home

Let’s face it, we all enjoy a clean and quality place to kick back, relax, and munch on fare that’s oh-so-bad for us. boasts last-minute hotel deals for a variety of cities, providing economical options and sweet ideas on where to venture next. Perhaps travel on over to and take advantage of their 15% off select hotels, using promo code: TRAVEL15. If you do just a bit of preliminary prep work, you’ll have peace of mind, a nice place to stay, and that bargain-hunt high we all love.

So, what if you’re still worried about the cost of a mini vacay away? If you can’t take the trip right now, try putting your efforts into planning another vacation down the road. Having something to look forward to is what gets us through the everyday grind. Plus, it’s therapeutic to dream. So keep stashing some cash a little here and a little there, even if it’s $5 a week. And never give up on taking those adventures that speak to your heart.