Cheaper Than an Interior Decorator: How You Can Style Your Home With These Key Pieces

Mar 31, 2018Reading Time: 3 min

Spring has arrived, and everyone is looking to make a change. After spring cleaning, redecorating can be another step in ushering in a new beginning.  There are a few simple ways to dress up the home without going overboard. 

Dark vs. light

Dark wood is actually in this season. For a statement-making piece try a medium dark coffee table in the living room. Look for brass or bright accents that adorn or could dress up the piece. Other ways to incorporate dark wood are on a TV stand or even a dresser in the bedroom. If there isn't a piece that strikes your fancy, try staining a piece that you do like and switching out knobs or handles for something more on trend.

Neutral AND Bold 

Gray is still in, thankfully!  With so many shades of gray it can be hard to choose if you're looking to paint. If you already have a gray in mind or have painted, try pieces in bold colors that complement the base of your paint (warm/cool/neutral grey).  Matching or finding a throw, accent pillows, and even wall decor within the same bold color families can be great. When looking for wall decor, make sure it pops! Consider some 3d wall art. Something as simple as textured kitchen placemats or small colored wicker boxes on the wall can change the feel of the room.   

Cultural connection 

If you enjoy other cultures and their designs then why not incorporate that into your home.  When going with this look, include more than one type of piece so that the room has synchronicity and flow. Perhaps a tall eye-catching statement piece can be balanced out with a smaller and wider one. If you’re going with pillows, choose a few with complementary designs.  The look/design itself is your statement! 

Test out texture

Statement pieces for the room with texture or fringe are also trending. Textures can be mixed to create a wonderful visual story. Combine varied rich textures for a luxurious feel, or simpler textures such as wicker/straw for a more artisan feel. Fringe is a great design element and can go towards adding to many types of visual stories. Just ensure that the styling and pattern of the object is in line with what effect you're trying to create. The fringed object itself could become the statement piece you're looking for! 

Simple succulent beauty

A beautiful and easy way to incorporate vibrancy and plant life into your home is in the form of succulents. There are many different types of succulents to choose from and you can buy them as wreaths or in specialized table designs etc. These plants are extremely easy to take care of, barely requiring much of anything, like a cactus or aloe.  This is also a great DIY project if you ’re not interested in buying live succulents. Check out craft stores to find the succulent plants that you like. 


Finding ways to redecorate can be simple if you know what you're looking for or have a few ideas in mind. It's also worth it if you have time to DIY, especially if you have your heart set on something custom rather than just settling for whatever is out there! Good luck springtime shopping!