Quick Summertime Decor Tips to Brighten Up your Home

Quick Summertime Decor Tips to Brighten Up your Home

Meieli Sawyer

Meieli SawyerJun 21, 20183 min read

Summertime is a great chance to brighten up or retouch your home décor, but it can be challenging to find looks that suit your personal style – at the right price, that is. The good news? No matter what style you’re into – be it modern, funky, or austere – summertime decorations are some of the easiest to incorporate into existing décor. They are simple and bright, relatively inexpensive, and you often benefit from the “less is more” approach (meaning your wallet will benefit as well). Let’s get to work:

Painting Color Trends

Step 1: Know the Trends

To start things off, know the trendiest colors for the season. Nothing says "current" quite like colors straight out of the most recent publications. This includes trusted magazines like Apartment Therapy in addition to a dose of home decor inspiration from Instagram and Pinterest. This season, we suggest experimenting with the following shades:

  • Caviar Black: Closer to charcoal, this black shade is super popular. It's often matte and can seamlessly fit into almost any color scheme or decoration style. But remember, use this shade sparingly!
  • Turquoise: A lovely sea-blue/green shade is one of the best options out there this season. Not to mention, it will look stunning on a statement wall.
  • Sunny Yellow: Bold and bright, sunny yellow is known for its mood-lifting properties. This summer, you'll find this upbeat hue on everything from walls to trim to trinkets!
  • Light, Tawny Pink: This neutral pink shade brings a sophisticated yet girly vibe to any room.
Statement Walls

Step 2: Go Big or Go Home

If "going big" is for you, you should consider making a striking statement wall! Statement walls often give you the most bang for your buck when it comes to decor, but you have to be prepared for a large-scale paint job. It's understandable that some people might opt out of the long process of painting. However, if you can handle it, head for a big wall in your bedroom or living room and start swatching.

Tip: If you are a painting newbie, remember that you can pick up testers and try them out — but what the experts really think works are large paint chips, because you can move them around. Need more inspiration in the painting world? Look for Build.com articles about popular DIY topics, including “Painting 101.”

Summertime Details

Step 3: It's All About the Details

When it comes to details in your décor, you have to make them count. Thankfully with seasonal décor, you don’t need to overdo it to capture your desired look. Instead, a few well-placed items can get your ‘summertime’ vibe across without being overwhelming. By hunting down a few additions, you can add some spice to your usual mix of throw pillows and rugs.

Tip: Some of the coolest (and most unexpected) additions to a room are a new lamp base or shade, updated frames on photos and art, and hanging plants in new pots or planters. We found a treasure trove of planters on Build.com, and they suit every possible summer décor plan.

How to Define your Space

Step 4: Refine & Define

After you're done decorating, take a few pictures of your space and analyze them. By using this technique, you will probably find ways to improve the appearance of each room ever further. This method allows you to take a step back and look at your home from a stranger's perspective. That might not mean that you need to buy more things, but that you should subtract something, shift something to another room, or simply play with proportions.

After you've tackled these tasks - ta-dah! You've got perfect summertime decor! But if you're looking for an extra deal, you can use this exclusive 80% off coupon code that can be used site wide at Build.com!