Prom On Your Budget

Apr 20, 2016Reading Time: 4 min

While many people see spring as the beginning of wedding season, the high school population of America has an entirely different dance on the mind: prom. As the biggest teen celebration, this tradition marks the end of an era and for many is the last hurrah before graduation. While it's a night that will live with you forever, we don't think that you need to spend a ton of money to have your shining moment. Here are a few of our budget-friendly tips on how to look like royalty at your prom this year:

Dressing the Part for Prom

Once you have figured out how to ask a girl/boy to prom and successfully completed your prom proposal, the next thing you're going to want to do is plan your outfit. If you're a guy, you have it pretty easy and just have to pick from a few options of prom suits, all the while making sure you match your date's colors. You can also buy a nice suit and then reuse it throughout the rest of your life for college formals, weddings, and a variety of other special events. If you're a girl, on the other hand, you have a million prom dresses to choose from and have likely spent the last four years dreaming of the moment you get pick it out. That's a lot to live up to.

One of the quickest ways to overspend in this situation is by not setting a budget in advance. If you start shopping and fall in love with a dress you can't afford, it'll be very difficult to settle for anything less. Don't put yourself through that agony. Make the process easy and shop Windsor dresses; they have beautiful options in all price ranges to get you prom queen ready. If you're shopping online you can sort by price to find your perfect look and limit the temptation to overspend. If you like trying stuff on in person and are finding yourself googling “prom stores near me”, check to see if you have a Windsor store nearby. They will take the stress out of prom dress shopping!

Adding to Your Prom Look

As a guy, once you have chosen your suit or tux, you are pretty much done getting ready. You girls are only just beginning when you find the perfect dress. While it’s customary to make hair and makeup appointments the second the date is announced for prom night, consider trying to do these at home:

  • Get ready with all your friends
  • Have a friend or family member do your hair and/or makeup
  • Check out our Pinterest Prom Season 2016 Board for the best hairstyles for prom dresses, latest prom makeup tutorials, and accessorizing tips

Part of the fun during prom season is the primping involved. We aren’t suggesting that you don’t treat yourself to any of it, but save money by only choosing a few things to splurge on. If you’re terrible at hair, make an appointment at your favorite salon, or if you never get your nails professionally done, try gel nails (to prevent chipping) for the big night. If you still think a DIY look is going to lead to some awkward prom photos, then spend it on yourself. Just try to save your money on transportation or after party festivities. Don’t let yourself get stuck with how everyone else thinks you should do prom; do it your own way and be creative.

Prom might be a night you’ll never forget, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend all of your money to make it that way. We came up with just a few ways you can stick to your budget, but these are by no means all of them. Whatever you decide to do, just remember to have fun because that’s all that will matter when you look back on it when you’re older.