Preparing Your Home for Fall Style

Preparing Your Home for Fall Style

Heather Gautschi

Heather GautschiAug 24, 20173 min read

Believe it or not, fall is right around the corner. Not only is back to school clothes shopping in full swing, but fall home shopping is also on the rise. Last season's trends of all white interiors, marble fixtures, and neutral bedding are being replaced with more color and whimsy. If you're wondering where to begin, we've got you covered for getting your home fall ready at great savings.

Going Green

This fall, it's all about the green. From cabinets to throw pillows to accessories, dark greens make welcoming the chilly season all the more cozy. Invest in some super soft forest green kitchen towels, tree green pot holders, or paint those drab kitchen cabinets a lovely spruce and you are set to welcome in those cool evenings. Remember, you don't need to overhaul your entire home – a few small changes can go a long way in renovating your home's style, and you'll enjoy the savings.

Relax & Unplug

Inner sanctuaries are all this rage this fall. As the air gets crisper, carve out a space for your own private retreat. Even a corner of your bedroom can become a safe haven. Go for a cozy chair with a soft blanket (maybe green!) and you've got an instant book nook. A hammock can also make for a lovely, tech free zone for relaxing. Canopies and soft drapes can also make for a budget friendly, retreat-esque feel. 

Weave it In

Woven accessories are a this fall's home style staple. Wicker baskets make a great, budget friendly wall piece. Or, fill woven baskets with bread or fruit and you have a warm, cozy centerpiece. Woven textiles are even cropping up in lighting fixtures – think cozy woven basket pendant lights. Fall never sounded so good!

Wrap it All in Velvet

Velvet is everywhere this fall, and there are a endless options for incorporating this luxurious feeling fabric into your home, all without breaking the bank. While a velvet chair might be pricey, you can still get the same soothing quality with the addition of cozy velvet throw pillows or layering blankets. Again, a little goes a long way here.

Quilts, Quilts, and More Quilts

Nothing says cozy quite like the classic quilt. Homey and warm, this is a piece that is instantly comforting. Hint: this would be a great feature for your own inner sanctuary. With many patterns and colors and great deals to be had, this is a trend you can have fun with while staying budget friendly.

Don't Forgo the Faux

If you're shying away from upgrading your furniture because it's too pricey, you're in luck. Faux finishing is your answer. Save with removable wallpaper, floor decals, or faux florals for a refreshing, budget conscious fall look.

Making small changes can add up to a bold new fall home style. Have fun playing with textures, colors and accessories, and you'll be set to welcome fall with open arms. Best of all? Your wallet will never know the difference. Now where is that crockpot...