Prepare for Holiday Decadence with Deals at Weight Watchers Online

Prepare for Holiday Decadence with Deals at Weight Watchers Online

Promocodes Team

Promocodes TeamOct 24, 20133 min read

The holiday season is creeping up on the horizon, and soon you’ll indulge in a fantasy of feasting while family members diligently encourage you to stuff your belly. You tell yourself you’ll be good this year, but deep down you know that simply won’t happen. The warm pies, the buttery rolls, and the aromatic stuffing will call, and you will give in.

My apologies for the pessimism.

Roughly 75 percent of annual weight gain takes place during the holidays, and with recent research indicating that two-thirds of women strive to lose an average eight pounds in the months leading up to the great engorgement, there’s obviously a ubiquitous hunger to shed weight before the inevitable add-on.

This year, instead of fastidious, demanding dieting, attempting to cram in your weight loss like a last-minute homework assignment, go the easy route. Give yourself the ultimate Christmas present by going the extra mile and signing up for Weight Watchers Online, a path that’ll lead to a two-pound weekly weight loss, healthily and safely. Right now, you can save $90.65 when you sign up for their 12-Month Savings Plan. The longer the plan, the more you save—a 6-Month Savings Plan saves you $43.67 and a 3-Month Savings Plan saves you $21.80.

Imagine being able to eat anything you want, unbound by strict diet rules and less-than-savory meals. Picture being able to eat three meals and two snacks a day while adhering to a tried-and-true diet regimen. The Weight Watchers 360° program provides a ton of leeway—where other diet plans push my-way-or-the-highway procedures, Weight Watchers Online dieters can create their own menu.

How does it work?

Every food is assigned a points value based on protein, carbs, fat, fiber, calories, and how hard your body has to work to burn it off. Nutritionally dense foods and menu items that fill you up the longest have lower point values, while decadent, empty-calorie foods have a higher value. Understandably, processed foods usually have the highest points. With over 160,000 food options and 3,800 recipes listed on the website, you can easily track your consumption and points tallied while receiving Julia Child-worthy cooking instruction and concoction ideas.

The best thing about the Weight Watchers 360° program is that it’s designed so you never get hungry. Emphasizing fiber-rich protein foods, the plan doesn’t require counting calories or begging the diet gods for it to be all over, for that matter. It’s a reliable, fulfilling, tasty alternative in a world of diet fads obligating you to go the undesirable route.

This holiday season, when the turkey comes out of the oven, the gravy spills atop those fluffy mashed potatoes, and the pumpkin pie sends salivation down your eager chin, be comfortable knowing you had Weight Watchers Online to prepare you for such a gluttonous undertaking.

A three-month plan is an easily managed $65, after the $21.80 discount. After two months of delicious foods, planned out by Weight Watchers Online’s ingenious PointsPlus system, you’ll be a guaranteed 16 pounds less. How does that sound?

… as good as Christmas dinner.