Pre-Owned Luxury Buys At

Pre-Owned Luxury Buys At

Meieli Sawyer

Meieli SawyerAug 10, 20172 min read

Ashford’s watches always get us shopping (and talking) here at Today’s no different, because we have discovered a section on the site for Pre-Owned Watches.

Pre-owned watches from Ashford come with a special guarantee, so you never have to wonder if your watch will go kaput quickly (one of the big worries with buying a pre-owned timepiece). Their certified, pre-owned watches are guaranteed authentic, under warranty for a year, and are even protected by a 14-day money-back guarantee from Ashford. How can you go wrong?

The deals are where things get really interesting. You can save thousands simply by browsing and buying watches that show almost no signs of wear, but that look amazing, work perfectly, and are from brands you may not be able to afford otherwise.

Some of our favorite categories include:

The Most Deeply-Discounted Brands

Some brands hold their resale value better than others, so when you’re shopping pre-owned, keep that in mind. Blancpain represents some of the most impressive savings at nearly 50% off, but we were also impressed with the savings on Cartier, which, although not as high as Blancpain, are still incredibly good. And then there’s maybe the best deal out there, Glashutte, where discounts top 67%.

The Pass-Along-To-Relatives Finds

These are by far some of the most impressive finds, because you can keep them in the family for generations (and some of them are already great deals, too). Cartier, Hamilton, and Baume & Mercier are all picks that work.

The Classics

There are some watches that just scream “expensive,” and if you want your investment to be the opposite of understated, then you can easily find the right options at We spotted:

  • Giant-faced designer watches
  • Bold crocodile bands
  • Diamond details
  • Chronographs galore
  • Lots of shiny, shiny finishes

The Special Occasion Gifts

Have no shame in buying pre-owned watches as presents. There are watches listed on Ashford that are labeled as “Pristine -- Never Worn.” Need we ask you how people will know that you purchased a pre-owned piece (and saved thousands?!) when it’s in perfect shape? We recommend careful research in this category, however, because you want to be sure that your pick is perfect.

The Unusual Pieces

When you shop certified pre-owned watches, you’ll run into some watches that you never imagined existed -- including unusual colors (purple, anyone?) and face shapes (the teardrop). It’s fun, if nothing else!

Here are coupon codes to sweeten the deal:

  • 15% off all order
  • $10 off your order of $90+
  • $30 off an order of $250+
  • $20 off your order (plus free shipping!) of $180+
  • And more, including lots of free shipping options!


Happy Shopping!