Practical Gifts for Grads

May 20, 2015Reading Time: 4 min

It’s the worst time in the school year. It’s not quite the end of spring semester, and summer seems like it is never going to come. If you are like me, your fixation on the too slowly approaching summer means that getting gifts for the upcoming graduation season often ends up being a frantic last minute sprint through the mall. Or worse, you end up giving cash. This year, instead of going the familiar procrastinator route, we have one tip that should make your gift buying experience easier: when it comes to Grads, think practical. Unlike other gift giving occasions where practical gifts might not necessarily be encouraged, graduates will benefit much more from something useful.

Professional Business Attire for Grads

Think less ‘boring button up dad shirt’ and more Don Draper in Mad Men. When you are shopping for someone who is about to graduate college, a gift idea that is both extravagant and practical would be a suit. As the new graduate moves out of the college world and into the corporate world, this transition will likely start with a series of interviews or networking events. A new suit is just what the graduate needs to set himself apart from the pack.

You may be surprised at how in your budget a sharp new suit could be. JosABank always has the latest styles at extremely reasonable prices. Right now, they have free shipping on their entire stock of Executive and Joseph Slim Fit Suits for $199, as well as Summer Suits starting at $129. These Jos A Bank promo codes offer a great chance to give a gift that will really stand out while staying within budget.

In addition to your gift being practical, it can still adhere by the golden rule of gift giving: the gift should be something the receiver would not buy for him or herself. With this in mind, you can’t go wrong with buying your Grad a fancy suit from Theory. Right now, we have some Theory promo codes that can help you save on this important purchase for your Grad.

theory suits for men

If you do not want to go all out with the full suit, then think about the accessories. The Tie Bar offers a wide range of items to compliment, or even complete, the new professional look that is trying to be achieved. A nice, high quality tie or tie clip are great for a new Grad. The Tie Bar promo codes always make accessorizing your Grad more affordable.

Technology Gifts For Grads

Particularly if you are shopping for someone about to graduate, a new laptop can make the perfect gift. After four years of Internet research, term papers, and all night note sessions, that old laptop is probably in need of an upgrade. Nothing marks the transition into a career like a blank slate to start working on. Of course, this is sure to be an expensive gift, so consider getting a few friends or family members to go in together on it.

If your Grad is making the transition from high school to college, then they may qualify for special saving. Right now, college student (including accepted incoming freshmen) get $200 off of the purchase of a new MacBook from Apple.

In this same spirit, consider getting your Grad a new laptop bag or cover. Finding the perfect laptop accessory is a good opportunity to show just how well you know the recipient’s needs and interests. For instance, these laptop bags from Alesya Bags are both stylish and professional. Even better, they work as a laptop bag as well as a purse, making them the perfect accessory for the transition into the working world.


Before we wrap up, let me restate: Do not give cash to your new graduate! As tempting as it is, it should be avoided for a number of reasons. First and foremost, everyone else is going to do it. Everyone. And their laziness is your opportunity to stand out with a practical and thoughtful gift. Not to mention the fact that college graduates have spent the last 4 (or 5, or 6…) years refining a number of skills, but for most of them budgeting was not one of them.

In addition to the consideration these gifts show, they have an even more valuable quality. By getting your Grad a practical gift, they will be able to make use of it on a daily basis, as they make their way through a very exciting time in their life. And each time they put on that suit or unzip that laptop bag, they will appreciate the effort and care you put into picking it out.