Personalized Jewelry for Mother’s Day

Personalized Jewelry for Mother’s Day

Meieli Sawyer

Meieli SawyerMay 02, 20183 min read

Mother’s Day is almost here (Sunday, May 13, 2018) – cue the panicky soundtrack. While some of us thrive on surprises, others struggle to figure out exactly how “special” our gifts need to be. Instead of looking for that perfect (nearly impossible) balance of style and value, why not pick a personalized piece instead? For many moms, nothing's better than receiving a present that only could be for her.


The Personalized Pendant

Let’s start with the basics: a necklace that allows you to add some of prettiest charms you could find online and create unique, personalized combinations for Mother’s Day.

We like the “grain of rice” pendants that can look rather sweet. Choose a secret message that will get written out on a tiny grain of rice and put into a little bottle or glass disc. That pendant can get another small charm added to the same chain, too. (We like tiny gold hearts, seashells, and initials.) Where to start? We suggest Etsy.


PANDORA is constantly innovating, and we try our best to strike a balance between pretty and personalized. Thankfully, the company rolls out new looks each season, so creative shoppers can take the reins and try something exciting. PANDORA’s colorways include rose gold, bright yellow gold, and silver: load a bunch of special charms on a single, high-quality bracelet or find a look that mom doesn’t already have. We recommend getting something from PANDORA’s high-end line of 14K gold.


Something Handcrafted (But Not By You)

Handcrafted jewelry can show just how much you care. It looks special and can be personalized far more easily when you shop somewhere that deals exclusively in delicate, handmade jewelry… Etsy is again a good start.

You can two options on the site: firstly, you can browse handmade jewelry that runs the gamut from hammered copper to fine 18K gold. Secondly, you can team up with a craftsperson who can work with you to whittle down the costs of your piece while also personalizing your design to match exact specifications. It’s a win-win situation, really. And it’s not hard to find jewelry makers willing to make a wonderful piece for a reasonable fee.  

Something Homemade (By You This Time!)

If you’re exceptionally skilled or handy, try making something yourself. There are lots of tutorials online that can show you how to shape metal, string beads, and etch brass, and this is perhaps the most amazing and personalized option of all. JoAnn’s offers special craft classes.


Poesy From Kay Jewelers

Poesy rings are interesting: once upon a time, people etched personal messages on the inside of rings. Kay Jewelers is bringing the tradition back with specially personalized rings that even come with a chain. The company suggests buying two, one for you and one for your mother, and in many cases, this may be the most thoughtful gift of all.