The Perfect Vacation Destinations for every Zodiac Sign

Jul 19, 2018Reading Time: 10 min

There's still time to plan the ultimate vacation that is perfect for your unique zodiac sign! This summer is going to be a truly hectic time for the entire Zodiac thanks to two solar eclipses and one lunar eclipse. While there will be no shortage of action, it's best to use these hectic times to your advantage and grow from them. To take a break from hectic life developments, be sure to plan a relaxing summer vacation that will leave you feeling refreshed. Check out the list below to find out where you should plan your escape this summer:

Machu Picchu adventures

Aries: Machu Picchu

Summer is in full swing, Aries, and we know that you've been feeling the urge to get away from it all and take an amazing, stress-free vacation. Before you hop on a plane, you should know that your travel planet (Jupiter) is in retrograde, which could manifest in missed flights and lost luggage. But don't let this deter you! This retrograde just means you have to be prepared to go with the flow and be vigilant about every detail.

You are a leader and aren't afraid of taking big risks, so we recommend taking a summer vacation that is completely out-of-the-box and different from your usual getaways. We recommend taking a trip to somewhere far away and tropical, like Machu Picchu. Honestly, Aries, you can't go wrong when venturing to a faraway place that is filled with beautiful sights and amazing adventures. Here, you can explore the local culture or go an all-out adventure.

Napa Valley Vineyard Wine Tasting

Taurus: Napa Valley

You don't need a tropical paradise in order to unwind this summer, Taurus! Your sign is known to have heightened sensory abilities, so be sure to pick a locale that is full of mellow sounds and beautiful sights. A few dream vacations that would be perfect for you include wine tasting in Napa Valley or visiting a quiet villa in the Italian countryside. If those choices aren't your speed, be sure to pick a beautiful, old city that carries plenty of historical significance. You're an earth sign after all, so connecting with the environment will help you feel deeply relaxed and grounded during your vaca.

Sicily Italy Summer Destination

Gemini: Italy

How does a trip to Sicily sound, Gemini? You can experience crystal clear water with a glass of wine in your hand and without a worry in the world! The list of things to do here is nearly endless, whether it's relaxing at the beach, exploring ancient ruins, tasting delicious foods, or hiking a volcano! Sicily is one of the few places in the world that truly has something for everyone to enjoy during your vacation. As a Gemini, you love to learn and experience new things, which means that being thrown into a new situation isn't stressful for you - it's refreshing!

The eclipses of July and August are going to be a bit odd for everyone in the Zodiac, and big familial shifts are in your near future. But that isn't a reason to cancel your travel plans! At the end of a relaxing day of sipping on Sicilian wine, be sure to check in with family members. You can even turn your solo-trip into a family vacation, or at least invite a brother or sister to tag along with you.

Cozy Mountainside Bed and Breakfast

Cancer: Mount Rainier

The incoming eclipses will bring big impacts to your life, little crab! Due to this, you should vacation somewhere you can put your feet up and feel truly comfortable and relaxed. Instead of a bustling metropolis, you should opt for a relaxing small country town near a body of water or serene forest. This will give you a chance to take a deep breath and unwind from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Cancers are known as the homebodies of the Zodiac, and it's not hard to see why. It's notoriously difficult to get you out of the house, so when you do decide to go on vacation, make sure it's one you will enjoy. We highly recommend a cozy bed and breakfast in Washington State. Here you can enjoy the calm buzz of nature and unwind as you watch the stars. Or, if the outdoors aren't your style, you can take a trip to Disneyland and spend a few days at the happiest place on Earth.

Miami Florida Beach

Leo: Miami, Florida

Only the best will do for a Leo who is going on vacation! Leo's are excellent travel-partners, but be prepared to shell out a pretty penny on your vacation because Leo's will only vacation in style. Lions crave comfort when going on vacation and only the absolute best will do!

It's clear you're very into self-expression, Leo, but the multiple eclipses this year will heighten this need. Due to this, you should hop on a first class flight to Miami, Florida this summer! With its bustling club scene, gorgeous architecture, colorful beach, and a surplus of local activities, Miami is an ideal place for Leo's. Not to mention, the dining and entertainment are incredibly affordable here and you can take a stroll down the mile-long boardwalk at no cost.

Redwood National Park

Virgo: Redwood National Park

There's no shame in being a planner, Virgo! You often find yourself drawn to well thought out to-do lists and itineraries, which is perfect if you are in the planning stages of a vacation. To enjoy your trip to the fullest, feel free to write up a detailed list of all the sites and events you want to experience during your travels. While it might be difficult for you to take a vacation because your mind tends to drift back to work, this list-making will help ease you into travel-mode.

Remember Virgo, a vacation isn't just another task to complete. Be sure to take a deep breath and soak in the sights around you. To avoid thinking about work and the usual responsibilities, Virgos should get out of their comfort zone by ziplining through the trees in the Redwood National Park. Or, if the height is too intimidating, try sailing over the shimmering blue waters of the Pacific Northwest.

Manchester England cathedrals and museums

Libra: Manchester, England

Looking for a new place to visit, Libra? We recommend sticking to major cities that are known for their rich culture, iconic landmarks, and interesting locals. One city that you're sure to fall in love with is Manchester, England because of its rich art and cultural scene that will surely keep your itinerary full. Here you will find elegance, beauty, and the chance to meet other people with rich backgrounds.

Renting a cottage in this scenic area and exploring the city is the perfect vacation for any Libra with an innate sense of wanderlust. Manchester has both quiet corners and bustling shopping centers that are full of shops, restaurants, and cultural hubs that are full of life. This balance of culture and tranquility is perfect for a Libra who naturally craves balance.

Portland Oregon waterfalls

Scorpio: Portland, Oregon

Scorpions love a good mystery and are known for embracing the darker side of life, and this summer you should book a flight to somewhere that helps you get in touch with your inner self. Also known as the investigator of the Zodiac, you love learning cultural nuances and interesting facts about all of the places you visit. All of this definitely makes you an interesting travel companion, but make sure not to let your natural intensity and anxiety get the better of you.

A bit outdoorsy and full of wanderlust, a Scorpio loves to explore. In Portland, Oregon you truly get the best of both worlds with stunning nearby hiking trails and a shining metropolis to explore.

Australia cliff diving

Sagittarius: Australia

Few other signs can top a Sagittarius' love for travel. These travelers often find themselves going on weekend getaways, but they still find the desire for a big summer trip to satiate their need for adventure. This summer, you should get out of your comfort zone, Sagittarius, and visiting a faraway place where you can indulge in a new culture. A trip to Australia would take you miles away from your boring hometown and allow you to push the boundaries.

If you're looking for an adrenaline rush, we recommend visiting the Ord River in West Australia, a remote area that's full of natural wonders. Here you can explore the area's famed cliffs, waterfalls, mountains, and native wildlife. If that wasn't enough, you can also go cliff-diving into the Ord River! This isn't for the faint of heart, as the highest jumping points reach 84 feet above the river.

Capricorn Tokyo Japan

Capricorn: Tokyo

Both ambitious and practical, you rely on comfort Capricorn. Since you're not much of an adventurous type, you crave a slightly different vacation compared to most of the other signs in the Zodiac. When thinking of your dream vacation, you tend to lean more towards a comfy bed, incredible food, and relaxing sightseeing. Instead of roughing it in the woods or going on a hardcore camping trip in the woods, you should opt for a vacation that brings modern comforts.

You’ll love visiting modern cities like Tokyo, Japan where you can enjoy the serene sights of cherry blossoms and a booming metropolis. You should balance your vacation with a mixture of relaxation and sightseeing. During your stay, you should be sure to enjoy a hassle-free trip to Mount Fuji. Take a tour of this beloved monument and take a tour around the area to learn more about how Mount Fuji has influenced Japanese culture for thousands of years.

Aquarius Bali Monkey Temple

Aquarius: Bali

Aquarians crave a completely unique, one-of-a-kind vacation and Bali is just the place. While you're here you can even visit the Bali Monkey Forest at the Mengwi Temple, where you can get up close and personal with these curious creatures. You are an individual and desire a break from the mundane and routine of everyday life during your vacation. That means you're searching for a unique experience, not a typical tourist hot spot.

Pisces festival

Pisces: Burning Man

With a deep love for art and music, Pisces would travel far and wide if it meant seeing their favorite performers. You can find amazing festivals all around the globe but they are especially popular in the summer months.

If you want to get the most out of your summer vacation, you should definitely check out Burning Man, which is essentially a weekend full of art, music, and community. Burning Man is truly an iconic event that has created its own culture and has brought together dreamers and doers from all across the world. Or, if you’re looking for something a little more lowkey, you should check out the Wanderlust festival. This celebration highlights mindful living in the middle of breathtaking nature. In attendance are instructors, musicians, speakers, and chefs. Here you’ll find new ideas, friends, foods, and yoga moves that will help you live a more mindful life.