Perfect Sandals for Every Summertime Occasion

Jun 28, 2018Reading Time: 4 min

Summer is almost in full swing, which means barbeque food, warm weather, and, maybe best of all, summer fashion. Finding ways to accessorize is one of the most fun parts about building a summer wardrobe, and no outfit would be complete without the perfect shoe to finish off your look.

When looking for the perfect summer sandal, there are a lot of things to consider. Where are you going in them? Do they need to transfer from day to night and back again, or are these your dancing shoes? Whether you’re looking for something to walk around a new city in all day or some dainty heels for a summer wedding, the occasion will change the needs of your footwear. We’ve compiled a list of some must-have summer sandals and where you can wear them.

bon sandals

For the Traveler

Bon II Back-strapped Sandals

If you’re traveling at all this summer, you’ll need shoes that are comfortable and good for exploring. Shoes like these back-strapped Bon sandals from FitFlop make for good walking shoes; the straps will hold them securely on your feet, and the supple leather will prevent blisters. FitFlop’s Microbubblebed technology makes the soles of these shoes super supportive and cushioned, making them perfect for a whole day of walking. Plus, the heel dresses up the shoe a little bit, adding some flair to your daytime walking outfit and making them easy to transfer to nighttime if need be.

strata toe sandal

For the Versatile

Strata Leather Toe Post Sandals

These simply yet classy toe post sandals from FitFlop are the perfect, versatile shoe for your summer wardrobe—the little black dress of footwear. These can be paired just as easily with a cute summer dress as with a pair of slacks and jacket for the office. When you’re buying any kind of shoe, not just a sandal, it’s important to think about where you can wear it. If you can use it in more than one situation, great! You just saved yourself the money (and the time) of trying to find another pair for a different occasion; these cute little black sandals fit the bill exactly.

heavenly soles wedge sandal

For the Fancy Footed

Heavenly Soles Wedge Sandals

Summer is a time of celebration for a lot of people; summer weddings are a huge industry, families get together for reunions, and there are always summer birthdays to attend. If you’re looking at a summer of a lot of fancy, dress-up occasions, you’ll need a nice dress sandal that’ll last you all season long. These wedge sandals from JD Williams are clean, classic, and adaptable to whatever party is next on your docket.

jack wolfskin sandal

For the Adventurer

Jack Wolfskin Seven Seas Sandals

If you’re the outdoorsy type, having the right footwear is crucial to protecting your feet and staying safe. But, in the hot summer months, sometimes you want to avoid heavier hiking boots or sneakers, and that’s where these Seven Seas Sandals come in. Their Velcro straps ensure they’re not going anywhere, and the bed is contoured to your foot so you have the most support. Plus, the material is easy to clean, so no matter how dirty you get on your next outdoor adventure, you won’t wreck your shoes along the way.

jenni block heel sandal

For the Good Time

Jenni Block Heel Sandals

Sometimes, for all people talk about practicality and versatility, a fun pair of shoes is just that—a fun pair of shoes. These block heels from SimplyBe are a statement piece that will jazz up any outfit. Pair them with a simple summer dress and a jean jacket or with a pair of pants and a top for a night on the town. No matter where you’re wearing them, these shoes will polish off any summer look with style.