What You Need As a Parent When Traveling With Children

May 23, 2018Reading Time: 5 min

There are many articles that guide you about what a baby needs for short travels, long travels, flight and all types of trips in between. What is often overlooked is what you need to travel with a baby! Many people forget how strenuous it can be to travel with a baby or toddler and what can make it easier or more pleasant! The easiest way to take care of your child is to take care of yourself!

women rolling luggage

Prepare Your Luggage

We all know the hassle that comes with traveling, let alone traveling with kids and TSA checks can be daunting. To stress less and prepare yourself for scans and security pack bags efficiently. TSA always examines baby formula so to save yourself time and a headache at the checkpoint put baby food into a separate bag and compartment for quick and efficient monitoring and no muss or fuss.

Basic necessities kit

It is always a good idea to have a kit with the basic necessities you might need. This kit should be a typical travel kit, with added bonuses. Make sure to add rubber bands, in case things break, because they are an excellent way to hold many things together. Include wine wipes, in case you need to indulge between flights or while on the flight, chapstick, gum, socks, or any other necessity that you might need.

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A fully packed baby bag

Pack all of the necessities that most toddler travel sites list, and of course what you need for your trip. Remember nowadays, you can rent car seats from car rental or baby rental companies or purchase a lightweight cheap one for the trip. You can do the same with a stroller, purchase a lightweight OR a cheap stroller to do the trick while traveling. We recommend bringing the stroller and utilizing the airlines' stroller gate check-in before boarding your plane. That way you can use the stroller through the airport and have it quick and easy when you land in your destination.

It is completely optional to purchase a travel high chair, or bed depending on the age of the baby or toddler. Many hotels have cribs, but you can purchase a travel bed if you have an infant or buy pool noodles for a toddler to keep them from rolling off of the bed. It just depends on what you feel comfortable with in regards to finances and cleanliness.

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Pack a second small baby bag

It's always great to have a baby bag. But what if you have a second emergency or even a third? Having a small baby bag stashed in a purse, with a travel companion, or alongside the first bag can make a difference. Depending on the length of travel, there are different things to incorporate. Longer trips mean you need to focus on more snacks (unless they drink milk), and more toys because toddlers can be bribed with food and new stimulation, can hold their attention for the most part. Besides, you can never have enough pacifiers, those tend to disappear quickly.

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Have some way to instantly relax

Traveling can be mentally draining and a crying baby or toddler can add to that stress. Having small ways to relax can help ease the stress just a bit. A simple aromatherapy rollerball or quality headphones are two examples of different calming ideas. Perhaps an audiobook or neck massager may do the trick. Whatever is it, make sure to pack that as well.

Body comforts are a necessity

Traveling, and carrying a baby or toddler and dealing with luggage can wreak havoc on your body. Make sure to bring something for bodily comfort. A neck pillow and comfy blanket are no-brainers. However, maybe a heating pad or patches or icy hot for pain and discomfort, compression socks for long flights, or cushiony socks, and other simple papering items can make a huge difference.

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Snacks (for you)

Of course, it’s evident that you need to bring snacks for a toddler, but you also need to keep fueled up. Airplane snacks can only go so far and you don’t want to waste money on airport snack buying. Pack protein and complex carb snacks. These snacks will boost energy and really have a lasting effect on the body without spiking sugar levels or providing an excess of calories. However, we recommend buying a bottle of water inside the airport after check-in. Since you can't get through security with liquids, you will want to have some hydration on hand because who knows how fast the flight attendants will come around with the food and beverage cart.

These are just a handful of things parents forget when they’re so focused on the baby or toddler. Just remember a happy parent is more emotionally equipped to deal with the stresses of traveling with a small child! Don't stress yourself out, when the going gets tough and junior makes a fuss just stand up and walk with the baby for 10 minutes and give your own legs and body a break from the discomforts of travel.