Pamper Yourself On The Cheap

Pamper Yourself On The Cheap

Meieli Sawyer

Meieli SawyerAug 15, 20173 min read

You work hard, and life is short. Why not schedule some time to pamper yourself on the cheap?

When you think “on the cheap,” you may think “free.” We suggest spending a little to get a lot, starting with a spa-quality foot bath that does everything. That way, you can use your time to catch up on your favorite shows as you unwind. It doesn’t mean spending a ton, though—you can find a whirlpool foot bath at Walmart.

Need more pampering? Check out more of our low-cost suggestions below!

Make Some Products Yourself

The next time you make a stop at an , pick up baking soda (an amazing exfoliant), vinegar (a wonderful toner), and lots of sea salt or coarse sugar for scrubs. You can’t go wrong with household staples that are just as effective as stuff that costs three times as much.

Beyond the body treatments, you can also whip your hair into shape rather easily. Simply warm up olive oil, and drench your ends thoroughly, or slather on mayonnaise, and let it sit for about 30 minutes before rinsing. We recommend a shower cap to ensure your potion penetrates each strand.

Hunt Down Massage Deals

Marking down the month that your city hosts spa deals and in-city escapes for locals is a smart way to get a bargain. Get online deals and cash them in locally, or, at the very least, find ways to get a good massage at home when you can’t grab a special deal. Bed Bath & Beyond has nice massage chairs and foot massagers at different price points.

Go All-Out with a Staycation

If you don't do them right, staycations are probably some of the most depressing things you can invent. You're using time off from work to do almost the same thing you do on the weekend, only for longer? No. And no. To do a staycation right, you need to plan just a tad, not leave things up to chance. Start with a spa day at a beauty school, where you get tons of treatments done for a fraction of the price, and then retire to a clean, quiet room for a meditation session.

If you really want to replicate a spa day, don't stop there—make a list of all the free yoga and meditation sessions around town. Any municipal building is a good place to start, and you should really invest in your own mat… possibly here.


We’ve mentioned this previously, but it's worth running over again: meditation works wonders for your peace of mind. And it's free. Try Darren Marks for starters (you can look him up on YouTube) and then download the app on iTunes.

For starters, we recommend checking out’s Home & Garden section for comfy robes, loungewear, and at-home spa supplies.

Happy Shopping!