Overlooked Bucket List Travel Tips to Prepare and Save

Overlooked Bucket List Travel Tips to Prepare and Save

Nicole Brown

Nicole BrownJan 05, 20184 min read

What’s better than pink sand beaches and rolling waves; snowcapped mountains kissing the sky and a hot beverage in hand, or traipsing through a jungle and base jumping for the day? Nothing!! Traveling to new destinations can be exhilarating and full of excitement, and many people long to cross items off of that ever-growing bucket list. However, arriving at your destination can sometimes include some unpleasant surprises. Here are a few tips and tricks that you might overlook that can help you make the most of the trip.

It can help to wear double layers

While many people, flight attendants included, have stressed dressing for comfortability or for the weather when you arrive, many people do not mention dressing for safety. While there is a good way to dress in case of emergencies, the focus of safety here is on belongings. Wearing double layers while traveling can help you secure your belongings and keep pickpockets away from your valuables. For example, wearing a sheer or lightweight hoodie with pockets underneath a jacket or a shirt with side pockets and a coverall sweater can offer some protection. For those who prefer to wear coats or vests, the Scottevest has great all in one pieces that can also work as outerwear all while offering comfort, ease, and protection.

Pack your own food and blanket

Packing your own food for traveling can save you time and money. Airport food can be expensive and depending on your mood or level of hunger, impulse buying could cost a lot of money that could be used at your destination.  Additionally, if food is prepacked, there is a much slimmer chance that you would have to settle for eating something you do not want, like, or even something that may potentially upset your stomach. The Container Store, Walmart, and Big Lots all have a variety of food storage options that can help you pack and store food properly. Bringing your own blanket is great for the plane ride! It can double as a pillow or backrest as well! It can also be a lifesaver when you arrive to a hotel and discover the sheets were not as fresh as you anticipated! Berkshire Blanket is a great place to buy a quality blanket that can last through all those bucket list travels!

Local currency ATM/smaller bills

Utilizing the ATM to retrieve money in the local currency is a smart idea.  Many people are quick to utilize a location that offers currency exchange. However, there are little to no fees associated with using an ATM to access cash. Additionally, you could change over some currency in your hometown before you depart so that you can place some smaller bills in an easily accessible location. This ensures that you have access to cash to pay for emergencies and necessities such as tips, car-share or taxis etc.

Learn the popular scams and how they are executed

There are many scams run on tourists. It is pretty helpful to have an idea about which scams are run in which countries and how they take place. This way you are prepared and if a situation should arise you are able to quickly extricate yourself before anything distasteful occurs.  Check online for infographics and buy a tourist guidebook at Barnes and Noble before your trip.  

Do some backup planning

Planning some basic activities or even a detailed itinerary can save you time and money (and a headache) when you arrive at your destination. Sure there are ways to have your trip pre-planned (feel free to email me about my favorite ways to travel!!), but if you have to do it yourself, then pick a few activities that you would be interested in doing while on the trip and a few places that you would like to see/sightsee. This way if you don’t come across things that you find appealing while there, you already have back up options ready. Travelocity and Trip Advisor can help with various parts of the travel process!  The tourist guidebook may also have coupons and free options for activities within your destination.

Make sure you have the proper adapter

Outlets are different across countries and therefore what works in one place might not work in another. Even with a traditional adapter, you may find yourself out of luck.  Instead, spring for (adapter). This adapter has the capability of switching between multiple types of outlets so that you are always covered and prepared, without having to carry numerous electronics. Look in Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, or even The CPAP shop!

With the number of tips and tricks available for travelers, there are bound to be some that are overlooked from time to time.  Armed with these extra few, a smoother tips is sure to be the result.  No matter how many tips you follow, make sure to follow this one – ENJOY YOURSELF!