Out of the Socks: Unique Stocking Stuffers

Out of the Socks: Unique Stocking Stuffers

Promocodes Team

Promocodes TeamNov 24, 20143 min read

As you are working your way down your personal naughty and nice list, you will inevitably reach a name for which you have no idea what to get. We all have that person that is just impossible to shop for. Whether that person is someone who already has everything, or their interests are just a little quirky, the key to finding the perfect stocking stuffer is often just to look outside the box. Luckily, the people behind THINKGEEK deal exclusively in outside the box, with a wide selection of unique products are aimed at the hard to buy for. I went to the site in search of inspiration, but the array of products drew me in like a moth to warm light and the next few hours are just kind of a blur. Here are a few of the items that stood out to me as excellent small gifts for the more challenging names on your list.

A definite underlying theme of Thinkgeek’s products is technology, although they have something for just about everyone on your list. For instance, those of us who are still waiting for Santa to finally bring us a hover board would appreciate this Flux Capacitor USB Car Charger. This device, which features a movie accurate light up display and dual USB ports, is a perfect stocking stuffer because it is as novel as it is useful. If the sci-fi fan on your list prefers the kitchen to the car, then check out this R2D2 measuring cup set. This unique kitchen accessory is sure to Awaken the Force in in any Star Wars fan. Just in time for Christmas, the site is offering 20% off all of their Star Wars merchandise which is sure to be a hot subject this season. Also, both of these products were designed by Thinkgeek, and are exclusive to their site.

Board games are becoming less and less exciting to a generation that grew up on Angry Birds. However, Thinkgeek has found a way to beautifully merge the comradery of classic board games with the engagement of electronic ones. The Hoverkraft Levitating Construction Challenge, which is another Thinkgeek original, uses magnetic fields to suspend the playing surface in midair. Player take turns stacking pieces on the platform until someone causes the structure to collapse. Suitable for up to 8 players, the game will be a big hit at any holiday party!

When it comes to the ultimate unique stocking stuffer, my favorite is the 3Doodler 3D printing pen. That’s right, it’s a 3D printing pen! This truly remarkable technology allows you to conjure into existence shapes and forms with just a wave of your hand. The unlimited creative potential of this toy makes it the perfect gift, even if it is for your own stocking.

The best part about the gifts available on Thinkgeek is how personal they are. Each item gives you a chance to demonstrate how well you know the recipients likes and interests. Not only are all the products I mentioned excellent stocking stuffers, but they are all under $100! Make sure use Thinkgeek coupons when ordering online.