Our 5 Animal Instincts That Should Take Over Tax Season

Our 5 Animal Instincts That Should Take Over Tax Season

Promocodes Team

Promocodes TeamJan 27, 20145 min read

My mother always told me to put 30% of my paycheck away for tax season. Knowing I wasn’t going to have to give it all back was a bit comforting, but finding out just how much I saved each month was astounding! I remember getting hired at my first real part-time job. I was making more than I knew what to do with since I didn’t have to pay rent and was going to school full time. In reality, it was not much, and if I had to support myself entirely, I would’ve been broke, but listening to my parents’ advice helped me buy my first car. By the end of the year, after tax season rolled out, I had nearly $1,000 left for myself to spend, simply by saving smart.

We know it is coming each year. We know it may not always properly calculate our undocumented charity and care we provide for others each year, but tax season is like a shark in the water, waiting aimlessly to just take a bite out of whatever approaches, and let me tell you, ladies and gentlemen—we are not that great of swimmers. We must be the only creatures that do not know how to manage our time and valuables productively, especially during taxes. With that being said, here are some tips from the lioness that goes out to hunt, the bear hibernating to postpone the effects of winter, and the shark that waits for us to overstep our bounds like usual. I give you five animal instincts and products that would save our deficit hands.

Hibernate. You ever wonder how bears survive without resources for so long each year? They hibernate! They eat enough when they need it and sleep it off when necessary. When it comes to our spending, we know little about this “store-as-you-go” policy. It is always spend now, worry about it later, and when it comes time to worry, we find we just didn’t prepare ourselves enough. When you shop at e-smart tax, you will find that free online tax filing is a lot easier than you thought, which makes relaxing each winter a lot nicer. To put it simply, if you don’t eat enough, you’re going to starve, and when you can file taxes early and put a little bit of money away each month as a safety net, you find significant relief for any financial dips to come. Promocodes.com can give you information on how this online company helps you file taxes from the simplest incomes to family and individual business owner expenses. When you also shop here, if you do not get the biggest refund possible, they will take care of your tax preparation fees. After all, it is our sense of security that really makes us financially stable.

Wade the water. Like that little shark mentioned earlier, waiting is sometimes the best way to get what you’re after. When you have to file your taxes, shop smart. Knowing your credit score can help you manage your finances better and take out needed loans more efficiently.

Hunt in packs. You may have heard of a lone wolf, but that wolf rarely strays far from its family. I consider myself at this financial state of mind. I’m a wolf. I support myself and my family and find comfort in my team. When tax season hits, I can rely on falling short or starting ahead, and usually it is the latter because I’ve had a support system on my side. Companies like H&R Block work with customers in packs. They can help you find suitable healthcare and manage your expenditures, and when it comes to preparing your taxes each year, you won’t be charged at all. We help you save over 20% when you shop this merchant, too, making tax season easier and more practical to get around. 

Build your dam. Protect yourself from the start. Beavers make dams before the flood, not as it hits, and you should be securing your investments before tax season. HomeGain allows people everywhere to get a real estimate on their homes for free and find quality real estate agents to help them make a home investment that really works. You can become a buyer and a seller easily with this online site. Knowing the neighborhood around you helps apply your finances to that home more effectively. So much debt is incurred due to home mortgages, and when tax season comes, people stress about making that monthly payment. Finding a realistic value on your home or one you plan on purchasing can help you prepare for future expenses to feel safer about staying in your home.

Show prowess. Being able to manage yourself financially is more important than relying on others to help you. If you want to be the king (or queen) lion of the tax jungle than do it! Showing prowess for your investments puts you ahead of the game so that when your taxes need to be filed, you can be assured that you have saved enough to support yourself after. Sometimes, investing in the stock market is not for everyone, but with careful merchant research and the gumption to take minor chances, you could put enough money away for your retirement.

It is in our nature to take what we can, but in that, we must learn to provide for others and what is to come. Now that you can understand how to better handle your finances, maybe taxes won’t be as scary as you thought. Tax season  is just a period of time that comes and goes. It is how we handle it that makes us smarter shoppers and savers.