Organize Your Home for Less

Jun 03, 2017Reading Time: 3 min

The smell of spring cleaning is in the air – it's time to de-clutter and get organized! But where to begin? If you have a lot that needs tackling, it can appear to be a daunting undertaking. But don't worry. Take a deep breath, start small, and follow our easy guide to organizing your home while taking advantage of some great deals.

From Chaos to Clarity

Most of us have too much stuff. And if you have children, you're bound to see this stuff accumulating constantly. If the toys have seeped into your living room, dining room, kitchen (it can happen!), then it's time to streamline in a way that everyone will be happy, and more sane.

Invest in easy storage containers. These are your new BFF in your quest for household sanity. Clean up is a snap with the right containers.The perfect place to start? The Container Store, of course!   Go for the White Steel Toy Storage Barrel. This large container is perfect for storing toys, sporting equipment, or laundry. Snag three for each purpose, and at $25 each, you'll love the savings and the newfound space you'll have. Even if your child has a gazillion stuffed animals, they will all fit. Better yet, these containers don't take up much floor space. Everything is easily visible as well as accessible in this container, so no more making a mess looking for stuff. Welcome to your future!

Personal Baskets for Every Family Member. Does your family walk in the door, throw their stuff down after a long day, and call it good? How can anyone keep order with that kind of system? Luckily, there is an easy fix, and one that won't break the bank. An easy trip to Lowes and you'll find a great assortment of basket styles, perfect for keeping everyone in your family organized. We love the Antique Brass Iron Bin for its versatility and chic style, and for around $17, it's a great deal. Also worth checking out are the Fabric Bins, which are nicely decorative in a variety of hues. They are also foldable, and at $7, the savings are real.



Save Space and Sanity with Shelving. The right shelving can be a real game changer. The problem is, bookshelves can be bulky and suck up space. Go for portable and stackable, and you are set. Check out the Container Store's White Stackable Wood Folding Bookshelf, which folds flat when not in use, and offers an attractive, tailored look. At just $79, and three generous shelves, it's a steal for all the space you'll save. Even better, it's pre-assembled, and all you'll need is a screwdriver, and you're on your way to awesome organization. Another great find at the Container Store is the Origami 3-Shelf Folding Rack, which works well for the kitchen or laundry room. The unit folds easily, is easy to assemble, and its delicate origami feel will give your room of choice a lovely accent. It's just $59, and you can save 15% when you choose the click and save option at checkout.

You're on your way to a clutter free living space, one savings friendly step at a time. You got this!