Optimizing and ’Saving’ Your PC with System Mechanic

Optimizing and ’Saving’ Your PC with System Mechanic

Pamela Chan

Pamela ChanJun 29, 20172 min read

Clean out any and all clutter on that computer in one fell swoop this summer season. Unnecessary files and cookies can become yesterday’s business with a single click via System Mechanic, a more than all around handy dandy way to keep temporary files, to resolve registry issues, to complete basic repairs, and to carry out general maintenance tasks on a predetermined schedule.

From iolo.com, an award-winning utility software company that’s been touted for optimizing and protecting computers for many years, the System Mechanic is their best brain-child yet, especially for computers running Windows. From the company, there are other similarly stellar products that work to secure, repair, and maintain all systems, such as the System Shield, which shields any PC from viruses and other threats, or the DriveScrubber, which can securely erase data from all drives to prevent valuable and sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands. 

But back to what’s been named as “the best PC system utility app because it perform[s] better than all the other products” as noted by TopTenReviews in almost every category, the System Mechanic truly proves to be any computer owners dream disk cleaner, serving numerous other purposes by adjusting which programs run at startup, monitoring the changes made to your system when installing new software, and easily uninstalling afterwards if one chooses to do so.


It is, at the end of the day, a thorough scanning tool that can make a real difference to any PC’s performance. There are no overwhelming checkboxes to scour through and since it begins scanning automatically upon installation, there is no need to spend precious time configuring it. Users will even find a Windows 10-specific privacy tool and a useful desktop widget to boot.

Simply said, iolo’s miracle product efficiently and conveniently restores maximum speed, power, stability, and top-notch performance to any hard drive. If you’re looking to save that old and lagging PC, as well as to ‘save’ yourself from unnecessary financial woes, look for the array of splendid deals that can be found for all your computer-related needs. Saving both time and money is now merely a push of a button away. Click it. Now.