Optimize Father’s Day with Iolo

Jun 16, 2017Reading Time: 3 min

Let’s face it. Even though we love them, dads are hard to shop for. Surprisingly, with all the great gifts out there, somehow it’s never a piece of cake to find the perfect one for Father’s Day. We’ve all wanted to get our dads something special, something that will make them smile, something they will cherish forever. Simply something that says, “Dad, I really appreciate you.”

But, then there’s reality. Dads are picky! Some have very specific (okay, bad) tastes in clothes, like preferring to keep sporting the same shorts from 1987 or only requesting peculiar things like tube socks. Some like about three things in life total: food, naps, and John Wayne. Then, there are the dads who seem to have everything they need—a full set of tools, 16,000 TV channels, or every car magazine known to man. All of these factors make the task seem impossible.

But it’s not! Remember all that advice Dad likes to give? All the times he wanted to fix your car, your house, your dating choices? See, dads love to fix things, and if they can save money in the meantime, even better! Forget the last-minute scrambling and take a look at Iolo. This global technology company offers award-winning software designed to keep Dad’s PC running smoothly and efficiently. With a variety of innovative products tailored for your specific needs, there’s something to help troubleshoot any computer problem, big or small. Pair a package with our 35% off coupon at, and you and Dad will both be happy.

Iolo 101: What to Buy Dad

Has your dad been complaining about how slow his computer is running? Help the guy out with The Ultimate PC Performance Package™.

System Mechanic Pro® is Iolo’s most sophisticated suite, a lifesaving software made to fix those techie issues most of us have no clue about—PC speed, performance, and data recovery, among a few. It also provides anti-virus and anti-spyware security to help protect your sensitive information. Your fix-it dad will love it.

Need something a little simpler? Go for the System Mechanic®. Their best-selling product, this software covers a multitude of issues you might be facing. Very similar to the System Mechanic Pro®, Iolo offers accessible assistance with this incredible technology. 40 million consumers worldwide have used this Iolo system that works with Windows® 10, 8.1, 8, 7.

So Dad Just Wants Virus Protection?

Iolo’s got you covered. System Shield™ is just what your dad’s PC needs. Guarding against unwanted viruses, threats, and other nasty computer evils, this high-tech package gives peace of mind and keeps your hard drive working properly, sans malicious hacker types. Take good care of Dad, like he takes good care of you, and get him this invaluable gift.

But Dad Wants A New Computer

Before you donate his old PC, get Dad DriveScrubber®. This software will officially and permanently remove all data from the hard drive, like files and passwords you don’t want the whole world to see. (Don’t forget to back up your info first!) Let your dad feel at ease making the transition from the old to the new by granting him this wonderful gift.

Father’s Day is in a few days, so be sure to take advantage of our 35% off coupon code and the superb technology Iolo provides for PC users of all skill levels. Dad will be impressed with your thoughtfulness, something that will never be erased from his memory.

Happy Father’s Day!