Ordering Flowers Online? What to Know about Picking an Online Florist

Jun 27, 2018Reading Time: 4 min

Wholesale flowers might not be something you’ve thought about when ordering flowers online for decorations for your retail establishment, restaurant, or shop and certainly not when planning a wedding or placing an order for a special occasion, but it means that you’re probably not getting the best deal you could! Wholesale flowers are a great cost-effective way to get flowers to the ones you love or order in bulk for an event so you can impress without blowing a budget.

Too complicated? Too expensive? Too “insiders only”? We’ve got the pro tips for why you should be shopping at wholesale florists online for all your floral needs and busting myths when ordering flowers online.


Pro Tip # 1

Online wholesalers are more responsive. Wholesale flowers are ordered in bulk, delivered quickly, and are fresher-than-fresh, and on top of it, these companies often offer additional decorative services that you won’t find anywhere else. Unlike traditional retail florists, wholesale companies have their processes down pat, making it easy to order what you need.

vase of flowers

Pro Tip # 2

They are less expensive. The flowers are of higher quality, but in general, you will save – especially on in-season flowers in bulk. When you have some leeway on the blooms you choose, be selective and pick out flowers that work with your climate. Think about buying wholesale flowers like buying from your local butcher – you get prime cuts (in this case, flowers) for much less because you are dealing directly with the source.

flowers with card

Pro Tip # 3

You can still get fast, inexpensive delivery. A common myth is that wholesale flowers won’t come your way without expensive delivery charges (thus making up for lower prices) – that’s not the case. One example is Avas Flowers, which has been known to offer free or reduced shipping for its wholesale shipments.

flowers in paper

Pro Tip # 4

You can find everything you want in one place. Unlike some companies, you won’t be bound by shipments and restrictions, because often online wholesalers have some of the best selection out there. Revel in it, get creative and know that your business can “bloom” with the help of a wholesaler

wedding flowers

Pro Tip # 5

You can get supplies for less. When you are designing floral arrangements en masse, supplies really add up and can make your costs much higher than you would originally expect. With wholesale flower companies, it is easy to stock up on foam, shapes, and tools that fit the bill (for less). Purchasing online really streamlines things, and you can find online-only deals. We found one extra-percentage-off promotion at Avas Flowers that really sweetened the deal, and that’s just one example.

wedding bouquet

Pro Tip # 6

You also get connected to fantastic floral designers at lower costs. Maybe you have a special event that requires a wholesale purchase, but you don’t have the people power to pull it off… wholesale florists can change that. Simply ask and negotiate prior to purchasing your flowers to get the best deal.

And we barely need to remind you that wholesale florists are the most cost-effective option… by far. In addition to the savings on the dollar, there’s the convenience of deliveries with far more regularity, which is a time-saver as well. With opportunities with most wholesale florists to place orders online and apply coupon codes, you can save even more.