Online Mom-and-Pop Shops You Should Support

Sep 17, 2018Reading Time: 3 min

Online mom-and-pops aren’t the easiest to find online, even today. But when you do, you’re helping a company that grew from grassroots marketing, talent, and drive – part of the American dream. To keep it that way, we believe in supporting sellers who’ve made their hustle their business and support their families and communities. We’re going to give you a head start on some of the best mom-and-pop shops you can find online today, so you can minimize the research and maximize the buying. Here we go!

girl and handmade items


Etsy is a mainstay for local sellers to display both handmade items and vintage pieces, and many online shops just wouldn’t be the same without this powerhouse of a site. You can start small with a trinket or two, but keep in mind that Etsy has everything you could want in the world of design, home goods, furniture, and (of course) art. If you go to one site, go to Etsy.

Block Shop Textiles

This company is doubly family-owned. Sisters Hopie and Lily Stockman started the company in Los Angeles and collaborate with the Chhipa family of printers and dyers in Bagru, Rajasthan. Each year, the company donates to assist with community programs, including women’s health and professional development.

store front

The Vermont Country Store

Mom-and-pop shops can be eased into easily when you can find more goodies on the same site. Take The Vermont Country Store, which shot to fame in the 1950s and remains family-owned today. Located in Weston, Vermont, the shop offers plenty of curious finds for the inquisitive shopper, from Tangee lipstick to classic candy and fudge.

Imogene + Willie

This company’s story is enough to bring tears to anyone’s eyes. Matt and Carrie met in grade school, and later, after life took them separate ways, they ended up working for Carrie’s family’s company. In 2008, Carrie’s family had to close the company, and everyone was jobless. Through a lot of hard work, the couple built up a new company after starting “with a single email.” That’s determination in its rawest form, and every ounce of success is deserved.

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Solly Baby

Solly Baby, started by Elle, was started by a mom looking for a solution (and its amazing how many companies were started like that!). Solly began when Elle realized “our capacity is far greater than most of us believe.” Her finished product? Versatile baby-carrier wraps that bring you closer to your little one.

Kevin Jewelers

This family-owned business opened in 1975 “with a dream” in Beverly Hills. The address was impressive; the storefront was modest, but what was most important to the company’s clientele was that they found quality jewelry at fair prices. Kevin Jewelers states that “everyone deserves the family discount,” and to us, it couldn’t be a more attractive way of getting shoppers like us to take a second look. Now, with 35 mall locations in Los Angeles, the company is still family-owned.

When it comes to family-owned companies, you’ll be surprised just how many companies fit the bill – we just need to look for them.