Skip the Grocery Store: Where You Can Purchase Meat Online

May 31, 2018Reading Time: 4 min

As more of us want to know where our meat comes from, what it eats, and how it’s treated, online meat delivery services increase in popularity each day. When you have more time and more resources available to you before you make a purchase, you can find the best quality. While you may pay more for pasture-raised meats from smaller farms, you will often save on paying tax depending on the site and where you live. Another bonus to shopping online for meat is that you often either get a deal for free shipping or just one small flat rate. Here are our recommended online meat delivery services for organic, pasture-raised, wild caught, heritage and more!

meat on the grill

Crowd Cow

New to the online steak game is a company called Crowd Cow. They’ve been selling pasture raised, grass and grain fed meats since 2015. Crowd Cow specializes in not only small American farms but also in sourcing the highest grade A5 Wagyu beef from Japan. They ship around the U.S. and the available farms depend upon your zip code, ensuring that you always receive meat that is relatively local. Crowd Cow offers a great deal where you can earn $25 by referring friends with a $25 coupon. While they started with beef, they now carry chicken, pork, and fish. Every week their offerings differ, so get on their mailing list, and follow them on social media so you don’t miss out.

raw steak

Omaha Steaks

Omaha steaks were one of the first meat delivery services and are the classic choice. They are very well respected and have great package deals with multiple choices. They’ve traditionally been a place where people buy gifts for friends and family. Why not get yourself a gift? They deliver high-quality products in a timely fashion. Check out their private reserve steaks for something extra special!

roasted chicken

Meat The Butchers

Changing the game of meat, Meat the Butchers provides premium meats that are raw, grass-fed and free range. Sourcing from family-owned farms they trust Meat the Butchers is a great option for health and environmentally conscious buyers looking for quality meat you can feel good about. These healthy and clean meats provide the perfect proteins for at-home 5-star cuisine every night.

cooked steak

Chicago Steak Company

Everyone knows that Midwest is famous for having the best beef around. Why not order directly from a Midwest business? They have meat graded from choice on up to prime. Check out their prime half-pound steak burgers to get ready for grill season. They’re thick and juicy!

plated salmon


Is seafood your favorite? Check out Seabear for an amazing assortment. They specialize in pure, wild, hand-fileted natural, and sustainable seafood. They have a lovely selection of ready to eat fresh pouches of fish too. You can also pick up a nice selection of artisan condiments and desserts.


Porter Road

You can’t beat the Porter Road motto: “If it’s not raised right, it cannot be delicious.” Porter Road started as a butcher shop in Nashville, TN. While they still have their local store, they now offer their amazing cuts of meat online for all across the USA to purchase. You can’t go wrong trying their lamb!


Cameron’s Seafood

Cameron’s is the place to go for Maryland Blue Crabs! You can order the most popular male blue crabs. Don’t want to pick them yourself? Order lump crab meat! They also carry a great selection of crab soups and bisques, along with scallops and shucked oysters. Cameron’s has a great selection of options fresh to cook as well as already made treats. You can’t go wrong with an order from this high-quality seafood purveyor.

Isn’t it exciting to learn about all of these different options to obtain quality meats and seafood? We certainly think so! Check out our suggested options and compare to see who you like the best! It’s definitely going to be a fun challenge to pick your favorites. Your freezer and your cast iron will thank you.