Office Essentials to Build Your Business in the New Year

Office Essentials to Build Your Business in the New Year

Shannon Hanrahan

Shannon HanrahanJan 16, 20183 min read

The new year is all about making changes. A better, more efficient home office is exactly what you need to make your work resolutions happen. You spend so much of your day working, why not have an enjoyable space to get the creative juices flowing. Whether you have an entire room or a dedicated space, here a few of our favorite home office essentials to get you the perfect space to work in the new year:

Update Your Equipment

You can only be as efficient as the equipment you’re using. Stop making things harder for yourself by using outdated technology. You might be seeing dollar signs reading this, but it’s time to get on the same level as the work you’re doing.

Get a new computer or at the very least, clean up the one you already have. Buying an external hard drive to store old material will clear up space you never knew could be available. Then you can start with a fresh slate for the new year with documents that are necessary to your job. Don’t forget about updating your software as well. This will ensure that you’re using the latest features and getting all the benefits of the programs you spent money on.

Make Your Space Comfortable

If you’re going to spend all day in one spot, you should be comfortable. Get a proper chair and desk to work at. If you’re trying to be more health conscious this year, go for a standing desk or ball chair to keep your core strong during the day. Nothing is worse than being sedentary all day. Go ahead of splurge on a desk that you love as well. Something with drawers for organization and enough room to write and use a computer. You might just feel like you can work at the kitchen table, but having a designated area just for work will help keep you focused during the day...rather than everything else in the house, especially if you’re new to working remotely. A little separation goes a long way.

Stock Your Home Office with Supplies

Having a fully stocked office is just as important at home as it is in an everyday office environment. Make sure that your printer has fresh ink so that all your documents can be printed right when you receive them and are professional quality. Luckily for you, has up to 15% off orders right now for 123inkjets. You can stock up on all the ink and toner cartridges you need to have a successful business. Add a few favorite pens, a stapler, a scanner, and file organizers and you should be good to go!

All you need to do now is decorate your space so that you enjoy what you’re looking at all day long. Add a cute print, family photos, or even a dry erase calendar to stay organized. Having a home office is easy with a few essentials, so don’t get overwhelmed. In no time you’ll be asking yourself why you didn’t create a space for a home office sooner!