Off-Season for Weddings: How to Save Money on Your Big Day

Nov 29, 2018Reading Time: 2 min

Congratulations, you’re engaged! You’re floating on air and giddy with anticipation. Then the reality of the price tag sets in, and you’ve come back down to earth with a thud. Sound familiar? Take a deep breath – there are loads of ways to save on the wedding of your dreams, starting with when you choose to have it. We’ve got the top 5 reasons why an off-season wedding is your key to a budget friendly celebration that you’ll never forget!

Discounts, Discounts, and more Discounts! Wedding vendors are likely to be much less busy during the off-season, which is generally considered to be December – March. With more downtime for these service providers, there’s likely to be more wiggle room in terms of pricing. Wedding venues often offer discounted rates during the more sparse winter months, translating into potentially huge savings for you.

More Potential Options The off-season means that there will be less demand for not only the venue you’ve got your eye on, but for caterers, photographers, musicians, and other vendors. Less competition means that you’ll likely have your pick of the pros, and likely for a fraction of the cost!

Easier for your Loved Ones’ Schedules In the summertime, your guests are likely to have pretty full calendars, with weddings, vacations, and reunions, making it more challenging for them to attend your wedding. With a lovely off-season wedding, you make it considerably easier for everyone to RSVP with an enthusiastic YES!

Winter Wonderland: Super Romantic There’s something especially magical about a wintery wedding. Picture your guests cozying up with mulled cider or wine, your wedding party lit with candlelight, and fragrant, festive wreaths. Such a beautiful romantic setting is only possible in the winter time, and your guests will love it.

A More Budget-Friendly Honeymoon Lots of resorts and hotels offer discounted rates during off-peak travel times, which could work out quite nicely for you and your beloved. Though warmer destinations are in demand in the winter months, you could opt for a cold weather destination to pair with your Winter Wonderland wedding, and save big.

May your special day be magical, and budget-friendly!