New Year, New Budget: 4 Ways To Save

New Year, New Budget: 4 Ways To Save

Alexandra Sakellariou

Alexandra SakellariouJan 06, 20184 min read

With the onset of the New Year, now is the time to be thinking about what sorts of resolutions you want to make (and stick to) in 2018. Finding clever ways to save money is a pretty common resolution. After all, who doesn’t like to spend less if they can? Check out these ingenious ways to save money this New Year.

1. Buy trendy pieces at fast-fashion stores.

Trends come and go faster than we can keep up with them. It gets expensive updating your wardrobe every season with fresh duds to keep up with the new styles. If you want to make sure that you’re still on trend without breaking the bank, then consider shopping at fast-fashion stores like Forever 21 and Romwe for trendier pieces.

It’s true that cheaper clothing may not last as long as ones you invest in, so it’s important to ensure you have some solid basics that will carry you throughout the years. But shop at less expensive stores for items that you don’t think you’ll be wearing for more than a season or two.

Better yet, scout out when these stores are having sales or promotions to save even more. Right now, you can receive 10% off Forever 21 with this coupon from At Romwe, you can also save $5 off your online purchase. Time to get shopping!

2. Write everything that you spend down.

This is a tried and tested hack for saving money that really works. You’ve probably heard about the benefits of writing down all of your purchases. It might be tedious, but this is definitely the way to go if you want to spend less.

Writing down your purchases and expenses helps you see where all of your money is going. You might be surprised just how much you’re spending each month on things like frivolous purchases or eating out. If you also figure out and write down how much you want to spend at the start of each month, it will be easier to track whether you’re going over or under budget.

3. Scour the Internet and flyers for coupons.

Couponing is probably the best way to save money easily, especially on ordinary items you can’t help but purchase, like groceries and household products. Don’t immediately throw out flyers that land in your mailbox. Go through them to see if anything special is on sale or if they’re offering promotions or coupons. Likewise, if you tend to eat out, make sure you save the coupons for take-out that always happen to be in your mail. 

The Internet is also a great place to find coupons, especially if you have a certain product or store you want to shop. offers the widest selection of coupons online for thousands of stores. You can find promotions for everything from technology to fashion to grocery shopping. It’s as easy as searching the website to see if they have a coupon for your favorite store (and they probably do)! Or sign up for emails to stay up-to-date with all of the freshest coupons.

4. Do more at home.

Think of it this way: if you’re at home, you’re less likely to be using your debit or credit card. Doing more at home can mean a ton of things. It’s obviously budget-friendly to be cooking meals for yourself rather than eating out or ordering food. Also, make sure to use your leftovers!

Even more, start staying in rather than going out for entertainment. This doesn’t have to be boring! Invite your friends or family over for a board game night or a day of DIY crafts. Take advantage of your Netflix subscription and pop some popcorn for a movie night that’s probably better than going to the theatre. The more you’re able to do at home, the more money you’re likely to save. All it takes is a bit of creativity (okay- and maybe some Googling)!

Saving money in the New Year can be an easy resolution to achieve if you’re ready to commit to hacks like these. How will you be saving money in 2018?