Need A New Mattress? Save Big And Sleep Well!

Need A New Mattress? Save Big And Sleep Well!

Katherine Stano

Katherine StanoSep 08, 20173 min read

No one likes a lumpy mattress. It’s uncomfortable, aggravating, and keeps you awake at night. This, of course, is not ideal when we’ve all got a full schedule ahead of us each day, things to accomplish, and people to meet. If you’re totally done with your current mattress situation, have no fear. There are tons of brands and styles to make you smile when it comes to finding a peaceful place to rest your weary head. Plus, there are numerous price ranges that won’t cause your budget to go into crisis mode. If you’re up for a little research and shopping around, you can find a comfy mattress that’s affordable and good at helping you get your zzz’s.

Here are some tips we’ve found helpful in finding the best deals:

Here’s To The Holidays!

Some of the best times to shop for your major purchases are holiday weekends. Stores love to put on sales when an official holiday rolls around, so why not take advantage of the savings? Black Friday, Halloween, and New Year’s Day can prompt companies to boost business by providing extra savings. Look around, write down prices, and get a feel for what you really want. Then, hit the stores when the time comes to get those delicious discounts. You’re savvy and you know it!

Here’s To Promotions!

Some stores make their own holidays because why not? If you’re an Amazon Prime member and can wait until Amazon Prime Day, then you might just find a mattress that’s superbly priced. If you’re not a member, why not sign up for their promotional period? It’s free and you’ll most likely get hooked. With 2-day shipping, a plethora of brands, and competitive pricing, you’ll be able to find your little cloud nine. Plus, their customer service aims to please, so you’ll be in good hands, no matter what mattress you choose.

Here’s To Doing It Yourself!

If you’re brave (and, of course, you are), you might try a foldable mattress. Shipped in a neat little box, this do-it-yourself bed gives you the option of setting it up yourself, sans delivery guys. (Don’t worry, we still love you delivery guys.) If you’ve got a nice, strong friend willing to help, then pull up those sleeves and set up your mattress without the hassle of delivery fees and schedules. Opting for a pre-packaged mattress might save you some bucks and time. Win-win!

Here’s To That One Neighbor!

So, you’re feeling a little broke, but your back is feeling even more broke! Take a quick look at and see if your neighbors are having a moving sale. Sometimes, you can get a great deal for a super great price. If you’re not too nitpicky about a gently-used item, there are deals just waiting for you to scoop them up. Sometimes people simply buy the wrong product for their bed frame and need an easy way to find it a new home. Keep the faith and see what you can find out in the wild world of the Internet. (Note: Always be cautious when buying from strangers. Use your intuition and only meet up in a safe, neutral place. Sorry—the mom in us had to say it!)

Buying a mattress may be one of those boring purchases, but you, sleepyhead, will thank yourself later. If it helps you to snooze better, it’s a wise investment, one that will make you feel restored and rejuvenated, mind, body, and checkbook.