National New York Day: Get the Most Out of Your Trip to the Big Apple

National New York Day: Get the Most Out of Your Trip to the Big Apple

Lauren Diethelm

Lauren DiethelmSep 21, 20182 min read

Today is National New York Day, which means it's a chance to celebrate all of the glitz and glam associated with The Big Apple! And what better way to celebrate than to take a trip to New York City itself?

Whether you've been there a hundred times over or never at all, there's always something new to discover and see in this bustling city. So much, in fact, that getting in everything you want to do and see can be an overwhelming (and expensive) task. You can go at it on your own, and there’s a certain charm to exploring the city without a map, but in order to really get in everything you want to do, taking a guided tour can save you money and some travel time.

TopView NYC Tours

With guided hop-on, hop-off tours like TopView NYC and Liberty Cruise NYC, you can take tours that hit all the hottest spots in the city without breaking the bank. These tours can also be a bonus because you will gain insider knowledge on all of the best places to go, see, and eat.

TopView NYC has open-air buses that travel all over the city, including Brooklyn and the Bronx, so you can see the full picture of New York (and not just Manhattan). Pick your route, and along the way you will have the chance to hop off the bus and check out some of the city's hottest attractions. Plus, when you book through TopView, you can get other great perks like free bike rental and admissions to some of the world's greatest museums! Their tours start as low as $29 when you book online, allowing you to see the city for the cost of a single cab ride. To get an even better deal, you can throw in a coupon code from to unlock an amazing discount.

Liberty Cruise NYC

Tourists sometimes forget that Manhattan is an island, and the river offers a gorgeous view of the city's iconic skyline. Liberty Cruise NYC offers boat tours all around the island and even visits famous sites like the historic Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty! Liberty Cruise NYC also offers all city passes, so once you've taken your boat ride you will be able to experience the rest of the city as well. Depending on the length of your trip you can pay one price for your entire stay, which can cut costs on things such as transportation, museum entry, restaurants, and more.