National Dollar Day: What You Can Buy For a Dollar

National Dollar Day: What You Can Buy For a Dollar

Chichi Ogwe

Chichi OgweAug 08, 20173 min read

August 8th is National Dollar Day!

Today commemorates the day when Congress established the monetary system in the USA, which was created in 1786. However, the first dollar bill wasn’t printed until 1862.

In homage to this wonderful day, here at Promocodes we have put together a list of all the wonderful things your can buy for a dollar (yes, only a dollar!) or less. You can stretch a buck and make it go far.

1. A song on iTunes

Digitally downloading music is now a much more popular method of acquiring songs than buying a physical copy, so add to your music playlist and get listening on the go! Most songs on iTunes cost 99 cents, but some songs cost up to $1.29.

2. A fresh slice of pizza (if you’re based in New York City)

If you love pizza and you are based in New York (or other cosmopolitan areas in the US), then take a trip to your local pizzeria and indulge in a slice of pizza with your favourite toppings.

3. An app

You can purchase most apps on smartphones for free, but some apps require payment for full access or full or ‘lite’ versions of similar apps. Usually, an app costs around 99 cents.

4. A beauty product

While some may just prefer to spend their dollars on top makeup brands, you can still find some of the best beauty buys on a budget. Some retailers and stores sell each beauty item (e.g. lipstick, lipgloss, mascara, eyeliner, nail polish remover, etc) for $1.

5. Charitable donation

There are so many ways to contribute to charity, but you don’t have to do or give away much. Many charities are happy to accept a donation of any kind, even if you are paying as little as a dollar a month. After all, every little helps.

6. E-books on Amazon

For all the bookworms out there, you can purchase e-books on Amazon for as little as a dollar. If you’re lucky, you can get some e-books for free. This is a great way to stock up on your literary pursuits.

7. A special occasion/greetings card

Whether you have a relative who’s celebrating his or her milestone birthday, or a couple who’s celebrating their special wedding anniversary, you don’t have to spend a lot on a card. There are many stores that sell high-quality cards at a dollar each or less. Plus, remember this: it’s the thought that counts. A special card will be treasured and will have a place on the mantlepiece now matter how much it costs.

8. Parking in New York

If you are parking for an hour in The Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island or Manhattan above 110th Street, it will cost you $1, which is pretty cheap!

9. Stationery

If you need to stock up on stationery for your work office or study area, then you can buy stationery items under a dollar, such as a pack of pencils, a set of pens or a mini stationery set.

10. A scratch-off lottery ticket

If you feel like trying your luck, then why not purchase a scratch-off lottery ticket for a dollar? You could be in with the chance to win cash instantly, meaning that you can buy your dream car, put down a deposit on a home, start a business or take a luxury holiday abroad.


You’ve got to be in it to win it...


What will you spend your dollar bill on today?