15 Things You Should Always Buy at the Dollar Store

Aug 08, 2014Reading Time: 4 min

Another faux holiday strikes: It’s National Dollar Day. To celebrate this illustrious occasion, we are recommending a slew of common items you should always buy at the dollar store.

It should never breed uncertainty to purchase necessary nuisances for only a buck because of concerns over quality, because these products are indistinguishable from their marked-up counterparts. These are all things that you can find at the one true dollar store online, Dollar Tree. Fill up your digital cart and have a frugal spending party for National Dollar Day.

1. Party supplies

Your shopping checklist might generally consist of plastic tumblers, candles, paper plates, and all the things that will serve your guests and make the celebration go swimmingly. Since parties typically last only one day (if you’re averse to benders), then it makes sense to buy cheap supplies because you’ll only need them once.

2. Paperclips

They’re only twisted pieces of metal. I don’t believe there are any luxury paperclips available on the market. If so, it’s a silly innovation. Dollar Tree has an 80-pack for a dollar and Walmart has a similar pack for $5.97. If you’re a business or simply have a fetish for an abundance of paperclips, visit the Dollar Store.

3. Writing utensils

My roommate bragged to me the other day about having an $80 pen. Frankly, I wasn’t impressed, and I actually felt bad for him. Writing utensils produce the result of jotting down the written language, and it really doesn’t matter how pretty the lettering is. Plus, people write everything on the computer these days. Go to the dollar store.

4. Washcloths

Draped on the oven handle are those lonely and oft-neglected washcloths gathering grime and food morsels and nasty bacteria. Don’t cry for them—that’s their purpose. Dollar Tree has a collection of washcloths of all shapes and colors, and they look exactly like my mother’s. Stock up and save.

5. Socks

The most expensive socks cost $1,600. Not sure why someone would want to spend money on something no one sees. Dollar Tree offers white socks, dress socks, trouser socks, ribbed socks, baby socks and socks, socks. And they all cost $1.

6. Storage containers

And this includes coin wrappers. There is a hefty inventory of plastic containers at nearly every dollar store, and they all serve the same purpose: to store your crap. No need to have an upscale container for moving your dirty clothes to the laundry machine.

7. Pregnancy tests

What? Yes, it’s true—pregnancy tests at dollar stores are indeed reliable. Why spend $15 at Target when you can shell out a buck and get your results?

8. Toothpaste

My dentist the other day told me “every toothpaste brand is standard.” Meaning, it often doesn’t matter which brand you choose to clean your teeth, a combination of flossing and mouthwash and brushing will yield the best results. The same brand—Crest Anticavity toothpaste—costs roughly $3 more at your neighborhood grocery store than the dollar store.

9. Toothbrushes

If you’re OK going the analog way—simply a handle and some bristles—then why not spend only a dollar? It’s a toothbrush. All of that intricate toothbrush technology is essentially a waste.

10. Hand sanitizer

Drugstores sell hand sanitizers for $3. Dollar Tree sells them for $1. Each claim to kill 99 percent of germs. You get the point.

11. Tissues

You blow your nose in them; they aren’t exactly cherished pieces of paper. One box of 120 Scotties brand tissues are just a buck. Stock up for life and pay $20—my estimation for a lifetime supply of tissues.

12. Calculators

They do magical math, and they’re only a dollar at Dollar Tree. Similar models cost upwards of $10 elsewhere.

13. Batteries

Batteries are a constant necessity, and it makes absolutely no sense to spend excessively on them. All batteries serve the same purpose, and very rarely is there a quality discrepancy between two brands. One brand costs a dollar at Dollar Tree and nearly $4 at eBay.

14. Screwdrivers

Yes, at Dollar Tree you can buy a pack of screwdrivers for $1 each. Talk about cost-effective.

15. Auto maintenance products

It’s true, you can find everything from power steering fluid, fuel injector cleaner, brake fluid and more for a dollar each. If you have paranoia about being overcharged at the auto shop, don’t underestimate the power of the dollar store (and your own DIY abilities).