National Dog Day: 10 Ways to Celebrate your Best Friend on a Budget

Aug 26, 2018Reading Time: 7 min

Happy National Dog Day! Whether you call them dogs, doggos, puppers, or even fur babies - they all deserve to be pampered on this dog-themed holiday. National Dog Day is just another way to celebrate your best friend, whether they're a mutt, purebred, or a service dog! At, we always recommend adopting over shopping, not just to save a ton on unnecessary fees, but to help a dog in need.

Celebrating National Dog Day can be as easy as giving your pup an extra belly rub, or you can go above and beyond with the list of gifts below. But we get it, with the holidays quickly approaching you're probably trying to save up for presents for your human family members. If you're wondering how to pamper your puppy without breaking the bank, be sure to check out the retailers below:

Petmate Travel Gear

1. Petmate

Instead of leaving your pets behind the next time you travel, you can now travel in style with your best friend in tow. Whether you're dealing with a tiny puppy or an elderly dog, you can't go wrong with the gift of a new kennel. Petmate features kennels that are perfect for every dog, whether you have a tiny toy poodle or a giant great dane! All of the dog kennels that you'll find here are tough, durable, and feature easy-open squeeze latches and an interior moat to keep pets dry. If you aren't sure which size is right for your pet, you can use Petmates handy, color-coded sizing chart.

BarkBox Monthly Subscription

2. BarkBox

You can keep the gifts coming all year, long after National Dog Day is over, with a little help from BarkBox! This monthly subscription box has all of the treats, chews, and toys, that every good boy needs. The subscription itself starts at just $21/month, comes with free shipping, and you can try out your first box for just $5. Every month, you can treat your puppy to a themed-collection that features at least two innovative toys, two all-natural bags of treats, and a chew. If you have a picky pup on your hands, you can even send back items and the BarkBox team will send back a free replacement!


3. PetCareRX

If you want to give your pup the gift of health, you can stop by PetCareRX to get your paws on all of the products necessary to keep your pet happy and healthy. Through this retailer, you can also grab affordable beds, crates, training treats, vitamins, supplements, and more! Not to mention, you can keep your dog on their toes during National Dog Day with their huge selection of chew toys, stuffed plush toys, and ropes. With a few new toys, your pets can spend their excess energy without taking it out on your precious furniture.

Petco Apparel

4. Petco

You can add an extra flair to National Dog Day with some adorable bow ties that can easily clip on to your dog's usual collar. These doggy bow ties are apart of the Heritage Collection that puts a fun twist on the classics with a bunch of charming patterns, textures, and details that can only be found at Petco. If you’re throwing a party for National Dog Day, this is also the perfect party favor to add to your guest's bag.

PupBox Subscription Box

5. PupBox

Similar to BarkBox and Super Chewer, PupBox is a subscription box that is made exclusively for puppies and brand new fur-parents. Each PupBox includes 5-7 products, a full training guide, toys, leashes, collars treats, chews, and more! Everything in your PupBox is handpicked for your dog's specific needs, and you can tell the dog-lovers at PupBox exactly what you’re looking for. While every box is customized, it will also grow with your dog and change based on your fur-babies changing needs. Puppyhood can be hard for new puppy-parents, but PupBox strives to make things easier.


6. Chewy

Playtime is your dog's favorite time, so why not make it a little better on National Dog Day with a brand new toy? The most important benefits of play is that it’s a bonding opportunity for you and your canine companion. One toy that we highly recommend are KONG dog toys which are durable, made to last, and can capture your dogs attention for hours at a time. If your dog is a notorious chewer, KONG is a durable alternative and you won’t have to worry about constantly spending money to replace old, destroyed toys.

Canna Pet Anxious Dog

7. Canna-Pet

If your dog shows signs of anxiety or nervousness, it might be time to try something different. This National Dog Day, you can grab some new treats from Canna-Pet that will help your dogs calm down in a safe and natural way. Canna-Pet recently released Canna-Biscuits for Dogs, that can be used to help dogs that suffer from nervousness and anxiety. Each of these biscuits contains the Canna-Pet Advanced formula, a mix of hemp and terpenes. All products from Canna-Pet are made exclusively from industrial hemp, a non-psychoactive plant that represents a natural hemp source for pet supplements. Each box contains 37-40 biscuits and can be auto-shipped on a bi-weekly or monthly basis so you will never run short on treats.

Pet Cube tech

8. Pet Cube

This National Dog Day, you can give yourself a little gift with Petcube. The Petcube is a groundbreaking electronic device that allows you to access a camera that watches your pet when they’re home alone. You can even click a button and fling treats to your pup. With a built-in speaker, you can even talk to your pet remotely. This is a great way to reassure a dog that might have separation issues or if you’re worried about leaving your dog home alone during the day. In addition, you will also receive an alert if there is any major disturbances within your home during the day.


Owners of smaller pets with thinner coats have a difficult time staying warm, especially in the winter. While clothes can only go so far, you can take things a step further with a self-heating bed. At, you can find a wide range of dog beds and heating mats that will provide year-long comfort to your furry friend. This dog bed generates heat by utilizing your pet’s own body heat, meaning that there is no electricity needed and no danger of injuring your pup.


10. Embark

Are you looking for a gift that is more unique than the usual puppy apparel and chew toys? Then, you have to check out Embark. This company allows owners to test their dogs DNA in order to discover what breed they truly are. This will give you advanced insight into your dog’s breed, health, traits, and more! As a research partner of Cornell University, College of Veterinary Medicine, Embark features top canine DNA scientists who use over 200,000 genetic markers to discover your dog's family tree. They also run over 175 genetic health and trait tests on your dog, alerting you to potential health issues before they strike. It’s basically 23AndMe for your dog.