National Coffee Day: 5 Facts that Every Coffee Lover Needs to Know

Sep 29, 2018Reading Time: 4 min

Coffee lovers rejoice - National Coffee Day has finally arrived! This annual celebration enables coffee lovers to score free or discounted java at Dunkin' Donuts, Starbucks and other coffee shops across the United States. It also represents a great time to learn about coffee and consider how you can best enjoy it both now and in the future. To commemorate National Coffee Day 2018, let's take a look at five facts that every coffee lover needs to know:

Coffee cup

1. The average American spends about $1,100 annually on coffee

Would you rather have a MacBook Pro or a year's supply of coffee? For many Americans, the answer is coffee. In fact, a survey from investment app provider Acorns indicated that Americans spend an average of $1,100 each year on coffee. This equates to about $21 per week or $3 per day on coffee. This extra money can take a huge toll on your daily budget, but don't worry we aren't going to tell you to get rid of your favorite cup of joe. Instead, you can save money by using the collection of coupons and discounts available when purchasing your favorite morning coffee

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2. Nearly two-thirds of American adults consume at least one cup of coffee daily

A recent Gallup poll indicated that 64% of American adults consume at least one cup of coffee per day. Additionally, the poll showed that the average American consumes nearly three cups of coffee on a daily basis. When you're consuming your daily cup of coffee, remember, you can save a lot of money down the line by avoiding cafe's and sticking with coffee brewed at home.

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3. Americans consume approximately 102 billion cups of coffee annually

An Experian study showed that Americans consume roughly 102 billion cups of coffee per year. This equates to approximately 281 million cups of coffee per day. That's a lot of caffeine!

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4. Coffee drinkers may actually live longer than non-coffee drinkers

Although some people believe coffee can be detrimental to your health, research shows that individuals who consume up to eight cups of coffee daily may actually reduce their risk of early death. In a study published in medical journal JAMA Internal Medicine, researchers found that coffee delivered health benefits to drinkers. Researchers also noted that coffee drinkers could consume any type of coffee – caffeinated or decaffeinated, instant or brewed – to enjoy these health benefits.

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5. The average price of a cup of coffee continues to rise

Coffee prices are rising, which is reflected in a study of nearly 1,500 coffee drinkers conducted by restaurant reviewer Zagat. The Zagat study revealed that the average price of a cup of coffee climbed from $2.98 in 2013 to $3.28 in 2015. Furthermore, the study indicated that $3.67 was the average maximum price that a coffee drinker would pay for a cup of black coffee, and $5.07 was the average maximum price that a coffee drinker would pay for "barista-prepared" coffee.

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