National Cat Day: Gifts to Give to Your Cuddly Ball of Joy

Oct 30, 2013Reading Time: 3 min

Yesterday was National Cat Day. I feel quite bad about it, as I let it pass by without giving a second thought to my beloved kitty. Since holidays like these seem to come so arbitrarily without rhyme or reason, I'm going to make it up to her. I'm officially proclaiming October 30th National Kitty Day

Kitty is my cat's name.

In honor of her antics, her almost-criminal cuteness, and the way she kneads me almost as much I need her, I will celebrate this day with as much fervor and discipline as I do National Bacon Day. Wait, there's no National Bacon Day? I hereby claim October 30th National Bacon Day as well.

If you forgot to show your cat the love it deserves yesterday, take advantage of these great deals and gifts from the following preeminent pet retailers:

It's basically an apartment building for your cat. The Armarket Cat Tree Pet Furniture Condo, via PetSmart, has it all: a dangling ball for downtime, a king's suite for the alpha, and five different stories to laze about. Don't think you can afford such a gaudy cat castle? Think again. It's available for only $129.99, and with PetSmart's current offer of 20% off orders over $100 (along with free shipping until Nov. 1), you can easily knock this down within your price range. 

Your cat lives a tough life. It has to wait hours and hours until you get home from work. It attempts to avoid boredom like the plague. PetCareRX's Mouse Chase Electronic Cat Toy costs only $16.99, which makes it an easily affordable gift for even the stingiest cat owner. Still can't afford it? With 15% off orders with code HEALTH16 you can. Cats have highly developed attention spans. She won't even notice you left the house.

![]( Feeder.jpg)

Does your cat have an obesity problem? Even if it doesn't, as an owner you could benefit from this apparatus. Available at PetCo for $64 after the current 25% off site-wide discount, the Petmate Portion Control Cat Feeder makes having to feed your cat a weekly thing, as opposed to a daily chore. It'll also prevent your cat from stalking you around the house when its bowl is nearly empty. 

One thing Kitty likes most about me is my willingness to walk her to the end of the block. No owner should subject their feline to a life of apartment imprisonment. Collars are inexpensive. For only $6.39 you could get a Savvy Tabby Ribbon Cat Collar from Every item is currently 20% off. Take that furry ball of fun out for some sunshine.