Nail That Late Summer Body With These Tip Top Health Hacks

Jul 31, 2017Reading Time: 4 min

It’s never too late to start working hard for the beach body of your dreams, and you don't need to spend a fortune to achieve it. Here are some wallet friendly, easy ways to snatch that body into a shape you want to show-off, just in time for those late summer sunsets.

Invest in a sustainable water bottle

There are no two ways around it; water is a magical elixir that should never be underestimated or forgotten. Before you begin your day, guzzle down a tall glass of the good stuff to flush through your system and kick-start your body in the most refreshing way. And instead of spending your loose change on wasteful plastic water bottles, invest in a canteen you'll be proud to whip out of your bag whenever thirst first strikes. Staying hydrated will give your skin a glow, re-energize you for exercise and take the edge off of mid-afternoon sweet treat cravings.

Its all in the meal preparation

If you're hoping to rock the Daisy Duke look before September is out, now is the time to start planning your meal prep routine with precision. Decide a weekly overall food budget and stick to it by buying in bulk and compiling a well thought out checklist. Produce is cheaper to buy when it's in season and make sure you check what you already have hidden away in your pantry before you hit the store. You'll save more money by shopping generic brands and if you have to snack between meal time, why not make your own trail mix  - that way you know exactly what's in it. Prep every Sunday night and dance around the kitchen while you do it - to make it a little more exciting.

Workout with YouTube

To feel really good in your clothes you don't always need to count the calories; sometimes it's just about the bits that are on display feeling toned. YouTube is an absolute haven for all of your favorite fitness gurus. Whether you fancy stretching out your tired limbs at the end of a long day with a 15 minute Pilates routine or taking things up a notch with a HIT session, YouTube has the trainer you need. Try to add working-out to a video as part of your daily routine, and if you get bored of a specific trainer, there are hundreds of others to choose from! Remember to have a little fun with it and try not to take it too seriously - you're more likely to stick to it that way!

Shrink your plate size

With summer in full swing and the heat at its hottest, you've probably already reduced your meal size without noticing you've done it. The hot weather is perfect for tossing some delicious salads together, and in the warmth, you're less likely to desire heavy, creamy sauce laden meals. If you find you're still craving the bad stuff, invest in some smaller sized plates, it'll prevent you from unnecessarily overindulging at dinner time.

Lose the fizzy

Fizzy drinks may taste good in the moment, but they're empty calories and will bloat you out, making you look heavier than you are. The simple solution is just not to buy them when you do your weekly shop - strike them from your checklist! If drinking water all of the time bores you to tears, a little cordial won't hurt too much. You don't need to be too harsh on yourself - if you cut out everything you love you may well end up disheartened and potentially binge eating in disappointed defiance.