Most Popular Presents for Kids this Christmas

Nov 28, 2014Reading Time: 4 min

Retail giants Walmart and Target both recently came out with their lists for the most popular children’s toys of the 2014 Christmas season. In order to assemble their list, target “partnered with top manufacturers to identify the hottest kid’s gifts for the season, relying on the companies’ extensive market research. Walmart, however, populated their list by conducting first hand research. This involved asking kids directly which toys they were most excited about and why. Regardless of which methodology you prefer, the two lists together paint a clear and helpful picture of what toys are at the top of every kid’s Christmas List this year.

**Girls   **

It will come as no surprise the toy sitting atop girl’s wish lists this year is from Disney’s smash hit, Frozen. The Snow Glow Elsa Doll, complete with her snowman companion Olaf, have been flying off the shelves. (Just when you had finally gotten that song out of your head) Another toy that has received Walmart’s ‘Chosen by Kids’ distinction is the very imaginative Doc McStuffins Get Better Talking Mobile Cart. The toy is a tie-in for the popular kids program Doc McStuffins, and gives your little doctor all of the tools she needs to patch up her plush patient, such as a thermometer, EKG, and even a siren and gurney for safe teddy bear transport.

If you are really looking for a gift to stimulate your little girls creativity, my favorite item from the girls ‘Chosen by Kids’ list is the Sew Cool Machine. This machine is designed for use by even the most inexperienced little seamstress, allowing them to jump right in with hands on projects like purses and stuffed characters without employing thread, needles, foot pedals, or bobbins. This gift is perfect for stimulating creativity and craftsmanship in your little girl.   


I inherited a fanatic love of cars from my father, and one of the earliest ways I found to express that love was with Hot Wheels. I was excited to find in my research that Mattel’s miniature motor division is still well represented in the Christmas wishes of little boys in 2014. In fact, it is probably not a shock to hear that Hot Wheels is responsible for my personal favorite gift from the list, the Hot Wheels Street Hawk Remote Control Flying Car. That’s right_, remote control flying car_. If this you were around when I was a youth, you would not be reading this article today because my hands would still be busy piloting my Street Hawk. The toy can reach heights of up to 150’ in the air, and the lightweight but durable design makes the vehicle easy to maneuver on land or in the air. Plus, we always love a toy that encourages kids to get some fresh air.

What could possibly compete with flying cars for a spot on your son’s Christmas list? How about their own pet dinosaur! Boomer the animatronic dinosaur from Zoomer Interactive has authentic dinosaur sounds and movement, as well as the ability to interact with people which the company calls ‘dino-sense.’ This remote controlled relic will respond to stimuli such as getting angry when his tail is pulled, and even has the ability to freely explore the house, while perfectly balancing on two legs. The interactive and spontaneous nature of this toy makes it a clear choice for the top gifts of the year.   


It is always nice when you can find a toy that is as engaging as it is educational for your little one. The VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch helps kids develop fundamental skills while keeping them entertained. The watch comes in a variety of colors for boys and girls, and gives them the ability to take photos and record video, add photo effects, record and manipulate their voice, and customize the interface of the watch. In addition to teaching kids how to tell time, the watch also come loaded with 4 learning games, with many more available for download from Learning Lodge.