Sending Flowers? Make it Monthly With a Flower Subscription

Oct 25, 2018Reading Time: 3 min

Who says sending flowers is a “once-in-a-while” event? Having fresh, beautiful flowers regularly can brighten up your dining table, office and bedroom, so why do we exclusively get them at holidays, birthdays or events? Because they can be EXPENSIVE! At a minimum you would be spending over $50, not including shipping, for wilted sad flowers that don’t open all the way. For that one-time cost, you would be better off getting a congratulatory $50 box of chocolates. Instead, you can get a continuous shipment of fresh flowers every month that last an entire week. Fees and delivery hike up prices for sending flowers, so having an alternative that provides free shipping every month makes it easier and cheaper to get flowers every month.

premium bouquet of flowers

Enjoy Flowers works as a subscription service to do just that. If you are sending flowers to a loved one to congratulate on a promotion at work, surprise them by signing up for the Signature Bouquet starting at $46.75 or Farm Fresh Bouquet at $38.25 so they can have fresh beautiful flowers once or even twice a month!

You can choose a single size of 20-25 stems delivered to them every month or go big with 40-50 stems to really impress. It all comes with a personalized card, instructions, flower food, and of course the bouquet, all in a signature box ready to unveil the perfect blooms that will last a week. This way, you don’t buy the one-and-done bouquet for a single occasion, ins,tead you continually make that someone special, actually feel special.

By the time it is said and done, in order to have a traditional bouquet sent that one time you can be paying upwards of $60 after all the fees and delivery. Ins,tead save almost $20 a month and subscribe to Enjoy Flowers and brighten up someone’s day, every day. With customization to your bouquet and even your order, you can prepay 3 months, 6 months or 12 months and save even more! If you are stock on a good holiday gift, this might be a great option for the person dropping hints about their love for fresh flowers. Subscribe them to get in-season farm fresh flowers monthly and save almost $100 dollars when you prepay for the whole year. And hey, these preemptive flowers may get you out of the dog house once or twice in the new year.