Inventive Online Services That Will Change How You Shop

Jul 02, 2014Reading Time: 3 min

If you live around Los Angeles like I do, you might understand the hassle of trying to find a parking spot and having to dodge traffic to get into the store. Well no more I say! The Internet is making shopping as easy and convenient as a few mouse clicks. With a breadth of new innovation, companies are considering some new tactics to bring shopping to your home. Here are a few companies that just might change how you’ll want to shop next time around.

Blue Apron

If you have a family to feed or you’re just trying to impress the Mrs. tonight, you want to have the right guidance and the right ingredients for your meal. The only problem is going to the store and searching through your shopping list while you push your cart through uncharted aisles. But what if they don’t have what you need?

Blue Apron realized this problem and capitalized on it. With hundreds of recipes online and choices of meals you want for each night or week, the food might as well come cooked at how much work they actually leave for you. With the perfect servings and the best ingredients, you can be sure to satisfy all the members of your household. Meals are as low as $9.99 a person per meal and it all comes packaged and chilled right to your doorstep.

Nature Box

If you’re always on the move like I am, you probably neglect breakfast occasionally. Don’t stop by the local fast-food joint and grab a burger—grab some Nature Box snacks! The amazing thing about NatureBox is that you get to choose what you like and they send you a box of it. You can mix things up by changing it each month whether you like something or not. They’ve got dried granny-smith apples, chipotle-maple pretzel pops, and even my favorite—Sriracha roasted cashews. Best of all, they’re all made healthy so you can snack without sin.

For as low as $20 a month with five bags and free-shipping, the first month’s free just so you know what you’re getting yourself into.

Trunk Club

Trunk Club: for the fashionable man on the inside who needs a little help on the outside. Getting dressed just isn’t as easy as it used to be since you moved away from Mom. The geniuses at Trunk Club bring you premium clothing by personal stylists, not online robot suggestions. There are neither fees nor hassles. All you have to do is answer a few questions and you’ll be matched with a personal stylist who will send you a trunk full of hip apparel according to your features and size. If you don’t like it, send it back with free shipping. You pay for what you like. Simple as that.

Dollar Shave Club

It’s hard not to like the guys and gals at Dollar Shave Club. If you’ve seen their video, you can tell their founder simply wants to help you “shave” time and money. Blades start at $1 for a double blade and—if you feel fancy enough—they also offer four- and six-blade razors. They’ve also come up with Shave Butter, an amazing alternative to shaving cream as well as One Wipe Charlie’s for the man who deserves to wipe like a king. It’s as cheap as a buck a month or every two months, all with free shipping. Even if you don’t have a beard, for $1 it makes a nice gift.