How You Can Jump on the Meal Prep Train and Save

How You Can Jump on the Meal Prep Train and Save

Magen Sanders

Magen SandersFeb 27, 20183 min read

Health and wellness is all the rage in 2018. If you aren’t Instagramming your matcha latte and workouts than are you even #fit? The problem is, the health trends and wellness rituals can do some damage to your bank account. Eating out at the local raw, vegan health restaurant for lunch every day and spending crazy amounts of money on that juice cleanse leaves you not only hungry but also a bit low in cash.

Meal prepping is not just a trend it is our saving grace when it comes to staying healthy and saving some major dough while doing it when you use meal prep kits, tools and containers to cook and save!

meal prep containers

By meal prepping you can budget your week with a shopping list to get only the things, you need to create those deliciously healthy meals. Shop for the week for all your goods including proteins like chicken, tuna fish, and eggs, produce like leafy greens and fresh berries and maybe even grab some of the frozen stuff which not only lasts longer but is still packed with nutrients. Don’t forget to grab cooking staples like seasonings and sauces, (make sure they are low in sugar) cooking spray and prep tools like foil to get you started in the kitchen.

After you are stocked up on the goods and stayed within your budget you can cook in bulk! Cook for a few days at a time to not only have those lunches prepped in advance but to also keep things tasting fresh and delicious! Cook a few chicken breasts and roast some of those veggies all at once so it is no muss no fuss prepping! A pro tip we love is placing your favorite smoothie ingredients in a small ziplock and placing it in the freezer so all you have to do is add your favorite nut milk and viola! Breakfast!

lunch bag and meal prep

Not only does shopping and prepping your lunches in advance save you from over-spending at the grocery store with those side trips but it also saves you from spending $5, $10 even $15 out at lunch every day! You can prep delicious home cooked meals and snacks and just bring them with you to the office for healthy options. Use prep containers that are perfectly sized for the portions you need and put them in your new lunch bag and you are good to go! Brands like Fit and Fresh have great prep container and lunch options to make organizing and storing your prepped goodies a breeze!

Having these options close at hand and pre-made will stop you from swinging by that local café for a mediocre high-calorie sandwich that leaves you feeling gross all afternoon. Instead feast on the turkey meatballs, zoodles, and snacks you prepped and packed for the day. Don't waste money on those lunches and snacks that are unhealthy on your body and budget.