Maternity Wear: Dos, Don'ts, and How to Save Money

Apr 14, 2017Reading Time: 3 min

Maternity wear is frequently portrayed as total drudgery: get through it as fast as possible, and then get back to your regular workaday clothes. But why? When you can snap up finds for very little and actually make the most of it, there’s nothing stopping you from exploring. Budgets aside, every woman deserves to have one piece that makes her feel luscious, no matter what. Here are a few tips to get you through:

1. Expandable selections always work. Wrap dresses and blouses (including faux-wraps) fit a blooming figure to perfection, and they are fully capable of making themselves smaller post-baby. My tip? Get one a little roomier than normal, and belt it first, wear it to full capacity when in “full bloom,” and then go back to belting after the birth. Don’t forget it can also be worn open like a robe or caftan.

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2. Tops don’t need to be “maternity” in style. Flowy crop tops in chiffon can be layered over longer, stretchy, and cheap-as-chips stretchy basics, and they also don’t need to be tossed when maternity wear is no longer necessary. Try one with a pencil skirt when you’re in the next phase post-birth (and are ready to go out again!).

Check out: Browse Thyme Maternity for inspiration.


3. Don’t ignore your lower half. In some ways, it’s easy to amass a lot of tops and dresses, but still turn to a boring pair of leggings… day after day! Try mixing it up with one pair of super-stretch white jeans that are thick enough to make you feel secure and non-dimply.

Check out: Seraphine has a great collection of maternity jeans.


4. Riff on your pre-pregnancy looks. Nothing needs need to go out the window: Stay true to the looks you love, and don’t waver. If you are a jeans-and-tee person, don’t force yourself to make a switch unless you really want to. Likewise, if you were obsessed with dresses, there’s no reason why you have to start wearing leggings and tunics. Be realistic.

Check out: A Pea In The Pod has so many designer maternity looks , and it’s quite versatile in terms of styles and possibilities.


5. Give yourself some play money. We’re searching for bargains here, but even deals cost money! So plan on a budget that allows for second- and third-trimester purchases that don’t break the bank (and also avoid the guilt that comes with spontaneous purchases).

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6. Do ignore rules. Consider the above tips as gentle suggestions. It’s not about what people say you should wear, but what you want to wear, and (even more important) what makes you feel good. When you wear what you love, everything else comes together seamlessly.

Happy shopping!