Make Your Own Halloween Costume... And Save!

Make Your Own Halloween Costume... And Save!

Meieli Sawyer

Meieli SawyerOct 10, 20173 min read

Have you declared yourself a non-crafty person? Are you afraid of a needle and thread? Don’t be afraid – anyone can make a Halloween costume. Keep on reading.

Tip 1: Get crafty

It’s much easier to make your own costume when you have the right supplies. Pro tips:

  • Felt is amazing. You can trim with it, decorate with it, cut it without worrying about fraying, glue it… and it comes in every color of the rainbow. Pick some up and go to town. (We recommend Joann Fabrics.)
  • DIY “dead-looking makeup” in a jif. All you need is a little face paint, tissues, and paste made from flour and water… and you can be a dead ______ in no time (fill in the blank there!).
  • Pick up a few things from a company with a generous return policy. You never know when you will be inspired. Be super-prepared, and then take the pressure off your wallet by returning everything you didn’t need. Sound basic? You’d be surprised how many Halloween things go unused!

Tip 2: Don’t forget that everyday clothes can be costumes, too

You definitely don’t need to buy pre-constructed ensembles to make up a great Halloween costume… it’s easier than you think. Take, for example, a hippie costume. You can borrow a cute floral dress from anyone, add fake flowers in your hair, and then go barefoot… costume done! And how about a pirate? With black pants, knee-high boots, and a flouncy white top (plus strategically-placed scarves), you’ll have a complete costume without spending a dime.

Tip 3: Enlist a friend who sews

It can be hard to complete a Halloween costume when you aren’t particularly gifted in the sewing world. That’s when you make a complete “stitch and b*tch” night for all your friends, complete with a sewing machine, and make sure you invite the girls (or guys) with sewing skills!

Tip 4: Play with paint

Some of the coolest costumes we have seen are all about the face paint, with very little attention paid to the outfit. Paint a mask around the eyes, for example, and sling a cape around your shoulders for a superhero effect; use a little paint to draw on whiskers and be a pretty kitty (just add ears)!

Tip 5: Start at the drugstore, pharmacy, or in your own medicine cabinet

A word to the wise -- keep in mind that you don’t necessarily need to invest in special “Halloween makeup” to create a costume that makes an impact. Instead, look for non-waterproof eyeliner, vibrant eyeshadow, and creme lipsticks to draw on your face. Be sure to do a skin test before getting too artistic, or you may face rashes, irritation, and redness. Check out Hollar for mega-deals.

Tip 6: Invest in the proper post-Halloween supplies

When you paint all over your face or get enthusiastic with spirit gum, you’ll want a quality product to remove it. Pick up cold cream, cream face wash, and toner to ensure that traces don’t remain after the big night. This is especially imperative if you plan on dressing up more than once. Head to CVS, natch.

Happy Shopping, you spooky things!