Make this Easter Memorable with Pinnacle Studio 17

Apr 14, 2014Reading Time: 3 min

As a child of the 90’s, my parents never came close to creating what I’d call Oscar-worthy home videos. The technology simply wasn’t there to make visually compelling movies. Whenever I’m in the mood to catch a little nostalgia and watch some of those retro family gatherings and holiday outings, I get dizzy due to the low quality and inaudible narrations.

Even today, the most cutting-edge camcorder can’t produce shareable videos on its own. You need the right video-editing software to put the finishing touches on your masterpiece. When I learned that Pinnacle Systems was putting out software that incorporated award-winning editing technology, I knew it was something I’d like to invest in. Since everyone seems to put their candid camera moments on the social media waves nowadays, I figured it’d be the perfect chance to throw my hat into the ring.

I highly recommend Pinnacle Studio 17. The one thing that struck me the most is the sheer volume of effects—more than 1,500. Additionally, there are countless titles and templates to choose from to help you create your movies. As well, it features extremely fast video rendering, which, if you simply cannot wait to upload your videos to Facebook or YouTube, is perfect.

The novice will easily understand how to navigate the software. You can use Storyboard to plot the narrative, and edit professionally using a six-track timeline. Trimming and adding transitions is exceedingly simple, and after you’re done, you can directly upload to either Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, iPad, Apple TV or Xbox.

Adding to my delight that Pinnacle Systems was launching Pinnacle Studio 17 was its coupon code for 15% off, which lasts until April 30. I was so impressed with this new product that I just had to share it in this post. So, if you have plans to capture your Easter misadventures on camera this April 20, you’d be remiss not to go with Pinnacle Studio 17.

Key Features:

NEW! Faster performance

See results sooner with up to 10x faster video rendering1 and improved CUDA support.

Get started quickly

  • Organize, tag, and rate your favorite clips and music with the built-in media library
  • Easily enhance and correct movies, photos and audio
  • Storyboard quick first drafts—even create movies automatically
  • Import clips and movie projects from Pinnacle Studio for iPad2

Edit movies and multimedia projects like a pro

  • Edit on the 6 track timeline
  • Trim and delete unwanted footage
  • Layer titles and animations with themed Montage templates
  • Easily archive and restore your work with Project Packages
  • Store projects and clips in the cloud to access anywhere, anytime—includes 50 GB3 of cloud access free from Box

Add unique content and creative effects

  • Get the look you want with 1,500+ effects, titles and transitions
  • Create amazing animations with stop-motion capture
  • Choose a custom-fit soundtrack from one of the Scorefitter libraries

Create and share stunning output

  • Create your own DVDs
  • Share on Facebook®, YouTube®, and Vimeo® with ease
  • Export to your favorite devices, including iPad, Apple TV, Xbox and more