Make Loyalty Cards Work for You!

May 08, 2017Reading Time: 3 min

Loyalty cards are a great way for getting free points, discounts or rewards on your purchases to encourage your continued loyalty to a brand. If you’ve become accustomed to a particular brand of make-up, hotel or supermarket it’s crazy not to take advantage of the free rewards on offer by simply signing-up.

To help you we take a look at some of the most popular loyalty programmes out there. So all you need to do is sign-up, shop, and sit back to receive your rewards.

Spend a little – earn a lot on hotel stays

IHG Rewards Club is the largest global hotel loyalty programme in the world. Loyalty membership is spread across four tiers: Club, Gold Elite, Platinum Elite and Spire Elite, each with its own host of benefits. Rewards include; free Wi-Fi, priority check-in, extended check-out, complimentary room upgrades, dedicated customer phone assistance, Exclusive Hertz Gold Plus Rewards and guaranteed room availability.

Looking for points? We give you Plenti!

AT&T, Nationwide, ExxonMobil, Macy’s, Rite Aid, Direct Energy and Hulu joined forces with American Express to launch Plenti, the first ever US-based loyalty coalition programme. With Plenti, customers can earn and spend points on every day products, irrespective of the payment method.

Rewards at the click of a button with Amazon Prime

If you’re a big Amazon shopper – then Amazon Prime is for you, with over 54 million members in the US alone. By signing-up you’ll enjoy unlimited free two-day shipping or pay $4 to get your item the next day. You’ll also get unlimited free streaming from Amazon Instant Video, with over 5,000 movies and TV shows to choose from.

Get rewarded with CVS Rewards

CVS uses your spending habits to provide you with coupons customised to your shopping preferences. In addition, once you spend a set amount you’ll start to receive cash rewards from $5 to $10, so if you shop in CVS and don’t sign-up you’re literally throwing money away.

Our top tips to make Loyalty Cards work for you

  • Set up a dedicated email address

It’s wise to set up a separate email address to ensure all your loyalty discounts and points are stored together in one easily accessible place and don’t get buried in your mailbox.

  • Carry your cards

To take advantage of the discounts, you’ll need to remember your loyalty cards! There’s a range of options to suit you from digital loyalty apps, handy keychain cards, or your standard wallet-sized card.

  • Be a savvy shopper

Make sure you shop around and use to find the best deals that are on offer each day. Don’t make an expensive purchase to realise you’ve missed out on a great discount or free-gift.

Say YES to email alerts

  • This is the one time you want to say yes and check all those boxes! Make sure your points total and any daily deals come straight to your inbox, making sure you never miss an opportunity to save.

We hope your enjoyed our tips to making loyalty cards work for you. Check back to for more tips on how your money can work harder.