Last Minute Summer Travel Deals

Last Minute Summer Travel Deals

Promocodes Team

Promocodes TeamJul 29, 20155 min read

You may have noticed that August is rapidly approaching, meaning that summer is on its way out (my heart is breaking). However, if you haven’t gone away yet and would still like to go on vacation, there’s hope! Many people travel in August, and companies are offering some sweet deals on travel essentials.

Last Minute Airfare Deals

summer airfare deals

Flying is a key component in any long-distance vacation, and it can be really pricey depending on season, distance, etc. When added to the cost of hotels, tours, and food, taking a plane is sure to be a point of concern. Currently, there are amazing bargains on flights that will help reduce the cost of your vacation to somewhere beautiful.


Priceline, the home of everyone’s favorite negotiator, is offering what they call “last minute flight deals” on flights around the United States. Flights from NYC to Los Angeles are up to 35% off; from NYC to Fort Lauderdale are 34% off; and from Chicago to Denver are 36% off. Aside from these cities, users can find additional deals using Priceline’s search feature for destinations and dates.


If your destination is in the Caribbean, you’ll want to check out JetBlue’s offers. Many of their deals are bundled with hotel rooms, making it even easier to book your vacation. Flights (with hotel rooms) to St. Maarten start at $759 per person; to Aruba at $929; to Puerto Rico at $1,315; and to Jamaica at $719. These are only a few of the many tropical locations JetBlue flies to – browse their site to see some other great ones.

Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaii, another bright and sunny destination, is fantastic. I went there last summer and loved it. Hawaiian Airlines, like JetBlue, is offering some awesome bundle deals with flights and hotel rooms included. For example, if your destination is Waikiki, a flight and a stay at the Ambassador Hotel starts at $766 per person; the Aston Waikiki Beach Hotel at $882; and the Hyatt Regency Waikiki Beach Resort at $1,041. All deals mentioned include four nights at a hotel.

Last Minute Summer Hotel Deals

summer hotel deals

Speaking of hotels, another important (and expensive) part of a vacation is the hotel room itself. For those of you not getting a bundle deal with your airfare, there are still plenty of hotel discounts going on from big names around the world!

Hilton Hotels

If you plan on traveling to Europe, Africa, or the Middle East, then Hilton Hotels has you covered. Currently, Hilton locations around the world are offering 30% off rooms. If you’re an HHonors member then you can expect 35% off and complimentary WiFi.

Choice Hotels

Choice Privileges Members using should definitely look into Choice Hotels for their vacation needs! If you book early (7, 14, 21, or 30 days in advance), you can receive up to 20% off hotel prices – a huge discount by any measure.

Holiday Inn

Holiday Inns are also getting in on the summer deal brigade. Again, you’ll need to book in advance for this one, but if you can book at a participating location you’ll receive between 10% and 30% off room prices.

Last Minute Rental Car Deals


Sometimes renting a car can be appear overwhelming, especially considering all the different models and packages available. Despite that, you can look forward to some great summer savings on rental cars wherever you travel.


With a coupon featured on our very own, you can get 25% off a rental car at Avis.


Budget is currently offering a spectacular deal where you are eligible to receive 35% off (yes, 35%!) your car for paying in advance.


Finally, Hertz is offering a fantastic 30% off rental cars with another coupon featured on!

Last Minute Vacation Package Deals


Perhaps booking all of these vacation components is not quite your style; you prefer to just pay for it all at once and be done with it. There’s some great news for you too as well – many companies are offering end-of-summer vacation package deals that will get you someplace far away without exorbitant pricing.

Cheap Caribbean

Cheap Caribbean is quite aptly named – they offer all-inclusive vacation deals around Caribbean destinations for great prices. Look out for six nights with airfare in the Dominican Republic at $849; four nights with airfare in the Bahamas at $749; and four nights with airfare in Cancun for $829 (all prices are per person).

Southwest Vacations

Southwest Vacations is here to get you on that Vegas trip you’ve been talking about forever. They’re currently offering $60 off Las Vegas resort packages with a promo code on their website. If you’re into something classic, check the Southwest website for a promo code offering $250 off Hard Rock Hotels.

Sandals Resorts

Sandals is another big name in Caribbean vacations, and they’re offering some mind-blowing deals at their resorts. Prices are starting very low, with resort stays in Antigua for $304; Montego Bay, Jamaica for $258; and Whitehouse, Jamaica for $270. Get to the islands while the deals are fresh!

We’re all quite busy people, and it’s understandably difficult to plan a summer vacation. Coupled with the time it takes to plan, the price can make it very difficult for families to get out and relax. Yet there’s still time left in our summer (as I keep telling myself) and the big companies realize this. If you can capitalize on some of the wonderful coupons and deals running at this moment, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.