Easy Last Minute Mother's Day Gift Inspiration You Can Get Together Now

Easy Last Minute Mother's Day Gift Inspiration You Can Get Together Now

Meieli Sawyer

Meieli SawyerMay 11, 20183 min read

Is Mother’s Day sneaking up on you? It’s time to shop for last-minute gifts that include the thoughtful, the pretty, and the practical.



For a thoughtful gift, aim for something homemade (with a little help from your friends). Start by shopping for something that you can pick up fast and make faster — like homemade peanut brittle, stored in a Mason jar. Start by ordering Mason jars, peanuts, and sugar from Target or Walmart for pick-up in-store. Once you’ve grabbed your goodies, follow this easy recipe to make homemade peanut brittle (one batch makes enough for one jar, plus a little extra just for you):

  1. Heat two tablespoons of butter (unsalted preferred) in a skillet.
  2. Mix one cup peanuts (dry roasted or lightly salted) and ¾ cup of white sugar in the skillet on medium heat. Begin stirring.
  3. Add one to two tablespoons of water to the mixture. When the sugar begins to melt, continue stirring for 7 to ten minutes.
  4. Spread hot mixture on a greased baking sheet (thin), sprinkle it with a little salt, and wait until it cools.
  5. Break brittle into pieces and add to jar. Close and top with a ribbon for flair.

Not into being crafty? Another thoughtful gift is a simple framed photo, with a twist. Spend time decorating a plain frame from Michaels with fun family phrases or memories, shellacking it afterward. Add your photo, gift, and wait for the compliments to roll in.



A sure bet for Mother’s Day is something pretty… and while that technically can be anything, it can be thoughtful too. We suggest a riff on something your mother already loves, like scarves or super-soft socks. Package these up in a decorative, oversized jewelry box or chest so they are presented like jewels. It’s all about presentation, and these pretty picks are perfect to give.

Some other pieces to try include statement necklaces, iPad cases, and sweet keychains that are monogrammed for a personal touch. For last-minute solutions, consider shops with some of the best shipping policies out there, like anything with Shoprunner (that includes Henri Bendel, for example).



Some mothers get perturbed when the gift you give them isn’t practical. They want everything thoughtful to be put to use, and if it’s not, then it may not be considered a good gift. But when you’re celebrating Mother’s Day, the last thing you want is to be giving someone something that doesn’t excite you at all.

We have one gift suggestion to give your mom when she loves practical things: an air fryer. These gadgets are awesome and are fun for everyone in your family (and they are actually easy to use). You can show off innovative ways to whip up the coolest low-fat “fried” things imaginable. There’s a reason why they are so popular now — and they have enough novelty factor to be talked about at the next family gathering. If that’s still not a big enough gift, add an air fryer cookbook or two. Buy one at Kohl’s, Sears, or Walmart and pick up in-store.