Keep Kids Learning and Engaged With the Latest Educational Toys

May 04, 2017Reading Time: 4 min

It’s a fact – kids are busy. And sometimes it can be difficult to find the right toy (or toys) to keep your child entertained and engaged. But, today’s toy manufacturers are hard at work creating new toys (and updating older ones) to provide much more than entertainment. Many toys help children learn – they challenge your child’s intellect, spark their imagination, develop fine motor skills and encourage interaction.

If you take your child into a toy store, there will surely be many toys that he or she could not live without. To help you steer them in the right direction we’re pleased to partner with our educational toy creators to provide some suggestions.

Code-a-pillar: This inspiring toy encourages children aged 3 to 6 to experiment by arranging (and rearranging) easy-to-connect pieces to send Code-a-pillar on its path. Depending on the order of the segments, Code-a-pillar travels in a different direction. This is just one of the new Think & Learn toys by Fisher Price. The store has many other options that go beyond learning ABCs and I23s to encourage problem solving and experimentation. Check out all the toys and get 20% off and free shipping with our coupons.


Mirari Pop Pop Piano: This colorful, musical toy by Fat Brain Toys encourages fine motor skills, sensory learning and cause and effect understanding for children ages 1 to 5. With a tap of the keys children hear exciting sounds, including bells, whistles, laughter and more, as colorful stars jump in and out of the piano pipes. Take a look of the many educational toys offered by Fat Brain Toys and get free shipping and up to 30% off with our Fat Brain Toys coupons.


Crayola Cling Creator: Build your child’s imagination and fine motor skills with this hands-on decorating kit for kids 8 and up, which is available as one of the many Toys R Us educational and learning toys. Kids use the mix provided to pour molds that dry within 15 minutes and cling to any flat, smooth surface. Get free shipping and save up to 60% off clearance items with our coupons.


LED Lighted Metal Detector: Inspire exploration at the beach this summer as your child searches for treasure buried beneath the sand. This lightweight, child-sized metal detector for ages 5 and up flashes from red to green when treasure is found. Available at Hearth Song, this is just one of many options for inspiring exploration and discovery from science to nature. Save 10% off with our coupon.


Count & Crawl Number Kitty: Created by LeapFrog, which specializes in educational toys, this little kitty helps young ones ages 9 – 24 months to get a move on their number skills. Designed as a push-and-play toy, the kitty meows, makes silly sounds and sings melodies when its buttons are pushed. In number mode, the kitty counts up to 20 with counting rhymes. Don’t forget to check our website for coupons before you buy.


Kid K’nex Group Set: Build STEM skills for children ages 3 and older with these big, soft chunky pieces by K’nex. Young hands can easily assemble models with 131 parts in vibrant colors. This kit includes enough pieces for 6 – 8 children to play together, encouraging interaction and collaboration. Keep an eye out for special discounts on our website.


Math Train: Your children can learn counting, patterning, addition and subtraction with this set that helps kids better understand trains. Created by Lego for preschoolers, ages 2 and up, this set includes a push train, loadable train cars, train tracks and a variety of bricks and figures. The double-sided match activity cards and online activity videos get kids started learning together. Lego offers many ways to learn for all age groups. Don’t forget to apply our free shipping coupon before you check out!


Regardless of the age of your child, there are so many ways to keep them busy and learning at the same time - and for less! Whether you’re looking to inspire imagination or fine motor skills, I hope you’ll find at least one great toy from one of these top educational toy providers.