Keep A Breast In October

Keep A Breast In October

Promocodes Team

Promocodes TeamOct 23, 20144 min read

In case you weren’t tipped off by the sudden splash of pink in everyone’s wardrobe, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This is a month dedicated to spreading awareness about breast cancer, as well as ways that is can be detected and treated. Even with modern medical science, still 1 in 8 women born in the United States today will at some point in their life get breast cancer according to the US Department of Health and Human Service. As an advocate of good health (and breasts in general), I thought I would let you know about some of the deals and discounts going on through that benefit organizations that support breast cancer research and awareness. 

If you really want to knock out breast cancer, you are going to need the right equipment. These Everlast Pro Style Elite Training Gloves are available in 8 oz and 12 oz, and are made of premium synthetic pink leather. They are made by Everlast, who is the premier name in boozing equipment, so they are ready for whatever task you have in mind. Best of all, Everlast will donate $1 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation for every pair sold.

For those of you who want to support breast cancer awareness but don’t have any outfits that go with pink boxing gloves, you are in luck. Get ready for the cold with theses cozy accessory options that will keep you warm and get the word out. First up, the Breast Cancer Awareness Scarf by JOES Jeans. This scarf, which is made in Italy of a viscose and cashmere blend, is also the perfect accessory to your fall wardrobe. This scarf is the perfect way to show your style and support, since JOES Jeans is donating 100% of the scarfs sales to FORCE, a nonprofit organization for those affected by breast and ovarian cancer.

Sometimes spreading breast cancer awareness requires a little walking to get the word out. These Shiny Ansley Caner Awareness Moccasins from UGG Australia will keep your feet comfortable, while helping you get the word out at the same time. These limited edition shoes are a real attention grabber, which makes them perfect for spreading awareness. UGG Australia will also be donating $5 for each pair sold to the Susan G. Komen Cancer Research.

If you are looking for an accessory that shows you care with class, be sure to check out World of Watches. During the sale going on right now, they have watches for both men and women marked down between 85% and 95%! This is the best place to get an insane deal on high end watches from Lucien Piccard, Swiss Legend, and a_line. And, of course, with every watch sold, World of Watches makes a donation to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

And if you think that you are just too manly to wear pink in support this issue, think again. Consider that NFL players are currently dawning pink accessories, and even uniforms in some cases, to spread awareness. This is part of the NFLs collaboration with the National Cancer Society, A Crucial Catch, which aims to spread the importance of mammograms and early detection. Show your support with this Kay Yow “United We Fight” t-shirt by Nike. The Kay Yow Cancer Fund, who collaborated on the project with Nike, has been at the forefront of women’s cancer research since 2007.

For you ladies who want to spread awareness while you are out on the field, Under Armour has got you covered. Literally. This Power in Pink Warrior t-shirt is lightweight and super-breathable, but tough enough to keep up with any workout you have planned. Under Armor, as part of their Power in Pink campaign, will be donating $10 million dollars to Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center. Yeah, you read that right, $10 million! 

Whether you are patronizing charitable organizations, donating directly to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, or just sporting pink to show your support, you are making a difference in the fight against breast cancer. Although donations are great, this month is also about the value of awareness. Spreading awareness can cost nothing, and is the crucial first step on the road to a cure.